Sunday Link-Off: Hate The Game

Let’s kick off this SLO with an old favourite. Here’s Megan Fox.

Don Cherry quite politely (but quite rightly) tells a reporter to fuck off. Give him hell, Grapes! (Deadspin)

If Michael Jackson’s death didn’t prove it, then the Tiger Woods scandal did. TMZ is beating mainstream media at their own game. (Orlando Sentinel)

What do you do when your school’s coach bolts for a better gig? Burn everything to the ground. (You Been Blinded)

After the jump, general soccer hooliganism, Hedo Turkoglu thinks cell phone cameras will steal his soul, and Keith Olbermann for the win.

NBC Sports czar Dick Ebersol thinks that Conan has been an “astounding failure.” Clearly, Dick doesn’t know the meaning of the word irony. (Deadspin)

For the first time ever, the NBA used Rule 3, Section 1A. Wait a minute, they have an actual rule book? Does it say anything about travelling? (Detroit 4 Lyfe)

Note to the people of Toronto: Take a picture of Raptor star Hedo Turkoglu at your own risk. (Toronto Star)

Only in Detroit can you be a winner and end up losing. No, I’m not talking about the auto industry. I’m talking about high school basketball. (Guyism)

And only in hockey can you be engaged to Carrie Underwood and still be a loser. Mike Fisher (soon to be Mike Underwood) has sucked since popping the question. (Hockey, Hot Chicks, and Somewhere in Between)

The US’s 2018 World Cup of Soccer bid team has just announced an epic fail. They’ve selected 18 potential host cities but forgot a few big cities and soccer hotbeds on their short list. (The Big Lead)

When stab vest are being offered in national soccer team colours, you should think twice about going to South Africa. (The Last Angry Fan)

And one thing I learned about in university is all about gambling on soccer. One of our old Lowdown buddies taught me all about what you could bet on and where the smart money was. Lesson One: In-game betting is never a good idea. (With Leather)

Steve Phillips is in the 2K Sports’ next MLB game. No word if that means the unannounced new mode that they’re teasing is a picking up broadcast interns mode. (Kotaku)

Today’s first photo gallery is (and pretend this is being said with a cheesy echo) Bathroom Notes of Hilarity. (Yep Yep)

Keith Olbermann lays down the law on Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh. If there’s one person I could model a media career after, it’s KO.


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