Saturday Link-Off: The Blame Game

megan-fox-elle-01When in doubt, go with Megan Fox. Can you blame me?

Also, when in doubt, blame the cat. For example, a Florida man tried to use his can as a scape… cat for downloading child pornography. (The Guardian)

And when in doubt, blame Dale Earnhardt Jr. A man in what was described as Dale Jr. hat robbed a New Jersey bank. I think they’ve got the wrong man because it’s clearly a Dale Jarrett hat. Either way, I’m wearing my wallet on a chain today. (All Left Turns)

Meanwhile, celeb watchers are blaming the frosty relationship between A-Rod and Jeter for the equally as frosty relationship between their women Kate Hudson and Minka Kelly. My money is on Minka in a catfight. (The Big Lead)

After the jump, athlete failures, Nintendo failure, and vintage ECW with a chair throwing win. Continue reading