Sunday Link-Off: The Red Line

kate-upton-christie-brinkley-styleawards13-01It’s the end of the week which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s go two-for-one with the opening pic with Kate Upton and Christie Brinkley. You know, Christy might be 28 years Kate’s senior but looks every bit as good.

This time one year ago, both the Democrats and Republicans agreed that the “red line” in Syria was the use of chemical weapons. Well, that certainly seems to have changed. (NBC News)

With the US House of Representatives likely to deny the President the ability to launch a punitive offensive against Syria, what questions should we be asking about the use of chemical weapons against civilians in the country and the actions that should be taken in response? (New York Times)

Here’s a quiet bit of finance news that should be a big deal. Thomson Reuters allegedly sold economic data to traders two seconds early which allowed their computers to get ahead of the market. (Rolling Stone)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Sporting Madness

Well, we’ve hit the ground running today. First, we opened up the voting on the final four of our 2012 Hottest Canadian contest. Now we have the mid-week links. And let’s kick off today’s WLO with Behati Prinsloo who you might recognize from Victoria’s Secret TV commercials.

Fifteen years ago Monday was the infamous line brawl between the Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche. As a Wings fan, I’m obliged to lead off with this link. I’m also obliged to point out that we kicked their asses! (SportsGrid)

While this story is about the NBA, I’m sure the same principals can apply to the NHL. Is there a way to prevent teams from tanking to get the first overall draft pick? To put it another way, is there a way to disincentivize incompetent management? (True Hoop)

With Tiger Woods winning his first PGA Tour event since 2009, the only story heading into The Masters is Tiger Woods vs. Rory McIlroy. (

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Wednesday Link-Off: Winds of Change

Let’s go a bit unexpected off the top of this edition of the Wednesday links and lead with Kat Dennings.

After Monday’s game changing federal election in Canada, here’s a look at the numbers behind the changes in government. (Five Thirty Eight)

The CFL Canadian Draft is this weekend. TSN’s Duane Forde gets you ready for the CFL’s big day. (TSN)

And in other big Canadian news, UFC 129 was this past weekend. For the first time ever, Dana White didn’t give the belt to the main event winner. That honour went to a Canadian man with a pretty cool story. (Cagewriter)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Break Glass In Case of Emergency

megan-fox-rs09-6Clearly Jackie had too much to drink last night because he’s still passed out or hung over so he isn’t here this weekend. I’m here to save the day and so is Megan Fox.

We had to put up with crap TV because of the writers strike and now we find out that Universal won’t be developing any more projects until 2010. (Variety)

The Emmys are tonight. While I won’t be watching, lots of people will just to see how they do in their Emmy pools. But I find pools to be boring, if you’re going to guess winners, maybe you should put your money where your mouth is. Fortunately, I’ve dug up some odds on tonight’s winners. (Sports Interaction)

TV season is about to kickoff in earnest on Monday. However, that doesn’t mean that a lot of people will be tuning in this year. (TV By The Numbers)

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Sunday Link-Off: Going Viral

hayden-panettiere-details-3Hayden Panettiere has a new movie coming out this weekend. More importantly, she is in the August issue of Details Magazine.

Rampage wasn’t howling last night at UFC 100. Mostly because he wasn’t on the card. But he was doing some pretty unique promotional work with an interviewer. Videos like this one are the reason the internet was invented. (CagePotato)

As a follow up to this, SI interviewed the poor interviewer from the Rampage interviewer. No surprise when she says it was her most bizarre interview ever. (Sports Illustrated)

Fellow Soo native Tyler Kennedy and Pittsburgh Penguins teammate Kris Letang tried their hand at doing the weather on TV. They should probably stick to their day job. (PSAMP)

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The Humanoids: Shot In The Foot

I’m not encouraging that anyone shoots today’s subjects of my ranting. They’re all doing a fine job of that themselves. There are quite a few folks that are either committing career suicide or opening their mouth and inserting their foot. A couple manage to pull off both. That’s the price of fame, I suppose. When you’re in the public eye, anything you say or do will be overanalyzed and overexaggerated to death. Somebody can say something completely innocent but it can be spun into a career destroyer. Not that many people on this list need that much effort. I’ll admit that as a member of the media, there are times when I’m willing to edit something to fit what I want. I once edited a guy on the radio show to make it sound like he was talking about porn. Again, not that any of today’s subjects needed to help. Although the first guy up on the radar claimed he was the victim of judicious editing. Us media guys are such bastards. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: New Time, Same Channel

mandy-moore-details4I’ve decided to move my weekly link dumps up to Wednesdays and let Jackie have free reign on Saturday. I figure the change in programming can only serve to make this more irrelevant. Headlining the post isMandy Moore for no real reason. After the jump, my favourite soccer/shoe commercial ever.

Blame Vince McMahon for all of societies ills?  If I was a journalism school graduate, I would say why the hell not. Since I actually have some common sense, I like this article. (Bleacher Report)

The new Presidential CrackBerry is coming soon to a White House near you. (Daily Telegraph)

A list that Jackie would appreciate: We all know that China has lots of knock-offs of popular brands, but they don’t put much effort into coming up with new names. (Daily Mail)

Women take note: Experts say that faking it in the bedroom is a bad thing. (Edmonton Sun)

Haven’t we watched enough movies to learn this just won’t end well?  IBM is creating a supercomputer to play Jeopardy against real people. (New York Times)

The US Supreme Court decides that Freedom of Speech does not apply to network television. (BBC)

Since we talked about the NFL draft last weekend, here’s how much an undrafted free agent can expect to make in the NFL. (CNBC)

General Electric has announced a new disc technology.  It can store 500 GB and uses hologram technology. (PC World)

Anderson Silva, the best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA, has his next opponent: Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin. (Yahoo) Continue reading