Entertainment Link-Off: Past, Present, Future

rachel mcadamsAfter a slight delay (again), this week’s edition of the Entertainment Link-Off is finally here! This weekend marks the release of the highly anticipated film adaptation of the novel The Time Traveler’s Wife, hence I’m using Rachel McAdams to kick off this entry. The film was scheduled to be released last fall, but thanks to Star Trek (which is a fantastic film by the way) requiring Eric Bana to shave his head for the role Nero, the reshoots for The Time Traveler’s Wife couldn’t take place until he grew his hair back. So how was the movie? Did it remain faithful to the novel? Find out later when I post the movie review. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the happenings in film, TV and whatnot.

After the jump some Time Traveler’s Wife stuff, notes about upcoming films, Megan Fox talks about peer pressure and we find out what G.I. Joes do during their free time.


Uh oh… looks like Dollhouse isn’t exactly lighting up the DVD sales. Where are all the Whedon fans?! I’m starting to feel a little worried about the show’s prospects of getting a back 9 order this season. Let’s start campaigning now! As I said before, the unaired episode Epitaph One is quite good, so it’s definitely worth forking out money for the DVD (TV by the Numbers)

We all saw this coming for years, but it’s official. Stewie is gay. Apparently his sexual frustrations is the main reason why he wants to kill his mother Lois. (JoBlo)

Molly Ringwald writes a really nice article on the late John Hughes. (NY Times)


Don’t want to wait until September to catch the pilot for NBC’s comedy Community? Well you can watch it now. All you need to do is become a fan of the show on Facebook! (Slashfilm)

Ever want a Star Wars themed bedroom? You can get your hands on one right now! That’s assuming you’re planning to fork out the cash for the house of course. (Slashfilm)

Twilight seems to be tainting everything it touches. In fact, the series is on the verge of overexposure as Entertainment Weekly is featuring another Twilight related cover. The TV Addict provides an alternate cover suggestion that is quite amazing. (The TV Addict)

Vin Diesel is the 2009 recipient of the “Full of Shit Award”. (Collider)

Ever wonder what G.I. Joes and Cobras do during their free time? Well you got your answer now with the awesome “Ballad of G.I. Joe”. Watch out for some familiar faces in the video! (Funny or Die)

At the box office this weekend. Neil Blomkamp’s critically acclaimed sci-fi film District 9 tops the box office. The Time Traveler’s Wife has a slightly disappointing opening weekend. Meanwhile 500 Days of Summer and Funny People are fighting for the last spot in the weekend top 10. (Nikki Finke)

rachel mcadams 2Latino Review presents an interesting interview with Time Traveler’s Wife director Robert Schwentke. (Latino Review)

Rachel McAdams accidentally spoils her latest film on The Daily Show earlier this week. Of course Jon Stewart and Rachel then try to backpedal a bit, but it was a failed attempt. Quite the funny moment. (Entertainment Weekly)


Friday Night Lights fans rejoice! Our favourite quarterback Matt Saracen will be sticking around for a bit longer. (Ausiello)

Want to find a Lost replacement next season? Check out ABC’s FlashForward. I’m a bit skeptical since David S. Goyer’s trackrecord is a mix of good and utterly horrible stuff. I’m always up for a mystery thriller show. Hopefully it won’t throw us through multiple loops as it seems to be more relationship driven. (TV by the Numbers)

Avatar Day is approaching soon. Here’s some details on how to get tickets! No mention of Canada though… at least not yet. (Slashfilm)

All the cool toys like Transformers and G.I. Joe are taken, so movie studios have moved onto other stuff to create movies out of. Now they’re going to make a Lego movie. This is going to suck, but I’m sure it’s better than the Viewfinder movie. You know Hollywood is on a creative downward spiral when… (Guardian)

Rumour alert. Kate Beckinsale might be returning to star in Underworld 4. Imagine this. Kate in a tight black outfit and the film is in 3D. Where can I get tickets?! (Bloody Disgusting)

Ok the movie has a decent cast but apparently the Machete script sucks. (Latino Review)

Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse will not be coming to a theatre near you anytime soon. Darn, the short mock trailer was quite funny too. (MTV)

Watch out! Bill Hader reveals that the MacGruber film is going to be rated R. This 90 minute movie better be filled with 90 one minute gags… otherwise it just ruins the fun. (Empire)

Neil Blomkamp looks like a credible director. With his latest flick District 9 getting rave reviews across the board, it probably was a good idea to have him direct Halo (then again, if Halo was made, we probably wouldn’t be able to see District 9 today). Too bad that was scrapped and now Mr. Spielberg might get his hands on the franchise and perhaps handpick another director. If you’re wondering what Blomkamp’s version of Halo may have looked like, check out this video.


To promote the upcoming flick Jennifer’s Body, here’s the awesome “Peer Pressure PSA” from Megan Fox.


Finally, let’s take a look at the fun parody of the Inglorious Basterds trailer from Gamervision.



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