2012 Hottest Canadian Final: Kristin Kreuk vs. Evangeline Lilly

Over the last three weeks, we’ve gone from the 32 hottest Canadians to 16 to 8 to 4 and now to the final two in our 2012 Hottest Canadian showdown. The bracket showdown started off with the favourites having a fairly easy time making their way through but we’ve got two lower seeds in the final. In one corner is currently unemployed Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk. In the other corner is equally as unemployed Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly. Who will be crowned the Hottest Canadian of 2012? Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Lost Weekend!

That’s right, this Sunday marks the 2-hour series finale of the hit show Lost. Apparently they’re supposed to tie up all the loose ends, but who knows, we might all end up more confused about the show than when it first started off. Leading off this entry is Lost’s Evangeline Lilly.

After the jump Brett Ratner wants to be a comedian, Transformers 3 needs a new leading lady, dying superhero movies get a gritty reboot and a healthy TV fix to get you ready for next season. Continue reading