Sunday Link-Off: Closing It Up

The Winter Olympics wrap up today with the closing ceremonies at 7:30 PM EST. Not scheduled to appear is Minka Kelly. For some reason, Nickelback is supposed to be there. Does that make sense to anyone?

It’s mostly Olympic links in here but I have to lead with this link: Ole Miss is looking for a new school mascot and Admiral Ackbar is the early favourite. It’s not a trap! (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The most random thing to go viral during these Olympics: The argyle pants that the Norwegian curling team wore. Hell, even I want a pair of those. (Mashable) As Sean Connery would say “You’re sitting on a gold mine, Trebek.”

We mentioned a while back that the Olympic Village has a supply of 100,000 condoms for the games, or about 14 per athlete and coach. Apparently your Olympians are putting forward Olympian effort in more than one venue. (CBC/National Post)

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Sunday Link-Off: An Olympian Effort

Couldn’t think of anyone to put up here so let’s play it safe an go with Megan Fox. Looks like her photo shoot studio is colder than Vancouver.

Just because the NHL is taking two-plus week’s off for the Olympics doesn’t mean the players are taking two weeks off. Actually, they are and that’s the problem. Ask the Oilers whose goalie made more news during the break than the whole rest of the season. (Calgary Herald)

I mentioned in Friday’s Humanoids column that the Brits aren’t happy with the Vancouver Olympics. Well, we aren’t taking that lying down. (Deadspin)

Most of Vancouver’s Olympic problems have been caused by bad weather. Everyone would have realized that Vancouver isn’t exactly a great winter city if they just used a reliable weather service like this one. (The Fucking Weather)

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