The Lowdown Blog Annual: 2012

With the start of a new year today, let’s take a look back at the last 12 months on the blog. Last year was another massive year for the blog. We nearly tripled our traffic over our 2011 and had more traffic in the last 12 months than the 36 months our blog was around previous to that. That was probably helped by our emphasis on longer posts and columns which got us featured on Freshly Pressed for the first time this year. So let’s look back at the year with our most read posts from 2012, the most read posts overall in 2012 and the best liked posts of 2012. Continue reading


Worst of Music 2012 Retrospective

There were some highlights in music this year but, as always, those highlights were largely overshadowed by some craptacular music in 2012. While the Worst of Music feature wasn’t on the blog regularly this year, that didn’t mean that music got better this year. Apart from some highlights like Psy and Adele, there was a lot of bad music other than the 15 WoM winners of 2012.

To look back on the year that was in music, both the good but mostly bad, here’s is a collection of mashups of the hit songs of 2012. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Ending 2012

nina-agdal-aerie12-26As the year comes to an end, we’ve reached the last linkdump of 2012. I probably should have made this the year-in-review post but there were almost no other links to choose from for last Wednesday’s linkdump apart from the year-in-review links. Mind you, this linkdump isn’t looking too long either. Anyway, start the last linkdump of the year with Nina Agdal. You’ll be seeing her again when I do the annual SI Swimsuit cover odds post.

The courts may have bounced Toronto mayor Rob Ford out of office but it certainly hasn’t solved all of Toronto’s problems. (MacLean’s)

The most interesting story of the US Presidential election may have come two months after the vote. Tagg Romney says his father, Mitt, never really wanted to be President. (Daily Kos)

Wikipedia has finished up its annual fundraising drive. The problem is, though, how Wikipedia uses the money. They don’t seem to need all of it. (The Register)

After the jump, why it’s okay to not lower expectations, plenty of oral histories and some best of 2012 videos. Continue reading

Caption This: January 1 – December 31, 2012

Inspired by the Globe and Mail’s caption writing person, we waste our time writing funny picture captions for some of the more interesting photos we come across when blogging. So here are some of the best pictures from the whole of 2012 with a funny (-ish) caption. Continue reading

My Twelve Favourite Video Games of 2012

Since we’re doing lists of our favourite things of 2012, I thought I would cover video games. This was an odd year in gaming. New triple-A IPs were few and far between. Sequels were the name of the game this year as developers and publishers bided their time until the launch of the next generation of XBox and Playstation. However, thanks to Kickstarter, indie game bundles and digital distribution on multiple platforms, I think 2012 started to usher in more emphasis on high-quality independently developed games.

So in no particular order, here are my favourite games of 2012. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Year-in-Review 2012

kate-upton-vogue12-07It’s time for our year-in-review linkdump. Rather than the usual assortment of fun and/or timely links, it’s time to look back at the year that was. It’ll also make our lives easier if we end up doing a year-in-review podcast but that would mean we do a podcast which means it’s not likely to happen.

Anyway, let’s kick this post off with our 2012 woman of the year, Kate Upton. If you’re wondering how we select the blog’s woman of the year, we use maths and search results. If you don’t like our pick, you only have the internet to blame.

For the second time, Barack Obama was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. The other time was after he won the 2008 Presidential Election. (Time)

From proper news to the terribly written news, it’s a look at the worst columns of 2012. (The Atlantic Wire)

But if you’d like to read something a little better, the NYT has their 100 most notable books of 2012. (New York Times)

After the jump, we look at 2012 in pop culture, sports and more. Continue reading

Early SI Swimsuit Issue 2012 Cover Odds

I’m sure most guys will agree that it’s never a bad time to talk about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. We’re about a year away from the next edition of the Swimsuit Issue, the 48th edition according to our friends at Swimsuitologist, but that doesn’t mean guys aren’t already talking about it. We may not actually know who will be in the next Swimsuit Issue but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about who will be on the cover. So who are we tipping to be on the cover of the 2012 edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Epic Disaster

summer glau 1This week the ELO features Summer Glau. She’ll be appearing in an upcoming episode of the recently canned Dollhouse. If FOX sticks to the schedule, she’ll be appearing on our TV screens on December 4th.

After the jump, Brett Ratner is a jack-ass, FOX has turned into the Seth MacFarlane Network and we take a look back at the loss of another great show. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Nut Up or Shut Up

emma stone 2Welcome to another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. In celebration of the release of Zombieland, here’s Emma Stone.

After the jump, more zombie related stuff, sex gone wrong, some movie news and take a look at how certain movie franchises should have ended. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2009: Saturday Roundup

Saturday was a busy day with many interesting panels going on throughout the day. There was some awesomeness from Chuck, fun stuff from the Glee panel, lots of destruction for Zombieland and 2012, Kevin Smith pays a visit to please all the nerds out there and of course… new material from Iron Man 2! Continue reading