Entertainment Link-Off: Movies and Music and TV, Oh My

margot-robbie-vogue16-01We’re getting into the middle of summer which should be full with all sorts of news and interviews about upcoming movies and TV shows because we’re running up to summer blockbuster movies and a few months from the start of the fall TV season. Unfortunately, it’s the holiday weekend on both sides of the weekend so we’re a bit short on news. The result is a hodgepodge of everything I find interesting. So the status quo, then.

So this weekend, theatres see three big releases. The Legend of Tarzan opens at the lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating of the weekend as we wonder how many Tarzan movies Hollywood has made over the years. The Purge: Election Year might turn out to be decent political satire in hindsight depending on this year’s US Presidential election. And the top movie of the weekend is Steven Spielberg’s The BFG but critical reception says don’t expect an Oscar.

Anyway, let’s kick off the links with Margot Robbie who stars as Jane in The Legend of Tarzan.

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Worst of Music: Fall Out Boy – Ghostbusters

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. While the Worst of Music isn’t dead (it can’t given music today), I still have to bust it out for special occasions. And the good folks in Fall Out Boy were kind enough to give me a reason to officially christen something the Worst of Music with their new song for the Ghostbusters reboot. Ray Parker Jr. this most certainly ain’t.

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Worst of Music Retrospective: United States of Pop 2015

I don’t think that we’ve done a Worst of Music post since this time last year. It’s not that music has gotten any better. I’m just avoiding any of the hits stations as much as possible. If you go off the Billboard path, you can find some pretty good music. This year, I’ve discovered Deafheaven and Sleater Kinney so it’s not like music is all terrible. Just mostly terrible.

Since most of the internet has gone into year-in-review mode, I thought that we’d do our usual retrospective of the worst music of 2015. But why do I have to do anything when I can use DJ Earworm’s annual mashup of the top 50 pop hits of the year to recap the year in bad music. Apart from Adele. She’s alright.

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Who is the Most Popular Pop Star in America? (Infographic)

There are all the Billboard charts, YouTube views and countless of random and pointless awards shows but there is no definitive way of determining who is the biggest pop star in the world is right now.

Well, that is until now. Our friends at Movoto have crunched the numbers to figure out which of today’s biggest pop stars is the most popular in each American state. It’s not a clean sweep but there certainly is an oerwhelming favourite pop star in the US right now.

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Worst of Music Retrospective: United States of Pop 2014

While this year was a quiet one for Worst of Music posts on the blog (the only one was Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty), that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a whole pile of bad music this year.

Since most of the internet has gone into year-in-review mode, I thought that we’d do our usual retrospective of the worst music of 2014. But why do I have to do anything when I can use DJ Earworm’s annual mashup of 25 of the top pop hits of the year to recap the year in bad music.

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Man Lab Showdown: Taylor Swift vs. Selena Gomez

Normally when we put together a Man Lab Showdown, there’s some sort of topical theme that helps us pick the two combatants. In this instance, it’s a birthday and a friendship that has given inspiration to this month’s Showdown poll and I think that it just might go down as an all-time favourite among our readership.

In one corner is the birthday girl. Turning 25 on December 13th and having almost as many high-profile breakups that have spawned his albums is Taylor Swift. In the other corner is one of her best friends who most would think would be best served by having her own high profile breakup, Selena Gomez.


More pictures and the poll after the jump.

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Worst of Music: Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty

Sometimes, a musical atrocity so heinous occurs that we are forced to act. When we are called to action, that means bringing back an old classic on The Lowdown Blog. I have been forced to revive The Worst of Music.

This week’s entry into the Worst of Music record books is actually from a duo that was one of our more recent WoM winners. When I last did these posts regularly, my third-to-last winner of a Worst of Music award went to Avril Lavigne for her cover of Nickelback’s How You Remind Me. Here we are 16 months later and Avril and husband Chad Kroeger collaborate to pick up another Worst of Music win. A strike rate of two wins from the last four WoM isn’t really surprising after you hear their latest, Hello Kitty.

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Worst of Music 2013 Retrospective: United States of Pop

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I’ve done a Worst of Music post. I really need to bring these things back on a semi-regular basis. But do you know how bad music can be nowadays. I was going insane listening to “today’s big hits.”

But since everyone’s doing year in review type stuff, I thought that I’d throw the annual DJ Earworm mashup of the year’s big songs into the mix on behalf of the Worst of Music. So to look back on the year that was in music, both the good but mostly bad, here’s is a collection of mashups of the 25 biggest songs of 2013.

Worst of Music Hall of Fame: Patrice Wilson

In my Worst of Music posts, I often refer to various singers as all-time WoM’ers or Hall of Famers. Today, I’ve decided to officially induct the first member of the Worst of Music Hall of Fame.

Today’s WoM HoFer isn’t a singer but a producer. He has two previous WoM winners with Rebecca Black’s Friday and Nicole Westbrook’s It’s Thanksgiving. The latest song that he’s produced to go viral may be the worst of the bunch and makes him our first ever three-time Worst of Music award winner and earned him a spot in the WoM Hall of Fame. His latest song is by a rapping duo called Tweenchronic and is called Skip Rope. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Pitbull – Don’t Stop The Party

When it comes to finding new songs for our semi-regular Worst of Music feature, I usually go to the Billboard Hot 100 charts. However, a barrage of ads for Pitbull’s new album, called Global Warming, convinced me that there’s a WoM winner on that album. That Worst of Music winner is Pitbull’s most recent single Don’t Stop the Party. Continue reading