Sunday Link-Off: Politics as Usual

kate-upton-harpersbazaar15-01I keep saying that the hardest part of doing these linkdumps isn’t finding the links but coming up with the intros to the links. I’ve been busy this weekend and haven’t had much of a chance for writing. The next week on the blog could get annoyingly dull as a result.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick off with Kate Upton.

Did a Conservative MP call a fellow politician an “NDP whore?” The whole of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald newsroom thought so but the story never ran. (Canadaland)

President Obama isn’t a fan of being too politically correct as it can be used to shut down whole conversations that could otherwise be held. (Daily Intelligencer)

Two men were asked not to board a flight because another passenger was afraid to fly with them because they spoke Arabic. They talk about terrorist winning by instilling fear in people. Well, here’s a perfect example. (NBC)

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Sunday Link-Off: Snowfall

kate-upton-express14-01I suppose I could complain about the state of the weather right now but I’m not in Buffalo so I can still get out my front door. For all the whiteouts, terrible roads and couple of feet of snow in a week, it’s not a patch on Buffalo. Small miracles, I suppose. I’m really starting to hate climate change. Can we have global warming back?

Anyway, it’s time for the Sunday set of links. Since I haven’t featured her on the blog for a while, here’s Kate Upton.

I think I’ve mentioned before about how people try to out do people with over the top reaction. Here’s a look at social media’s descent into grief porn. (Gawker)

With Canada having just seen a “beloved” public figure have their public image shattered by reality, America is no going through the same with Bill Cosby. And while the Toronto Star had two reporters on Ghomeshi, the Washington Post had 13 cover Cosby. (Washington Post)

Before that article went up, I was going to mention that TV stations were already abandoning Cosby. (Variety)

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SI Swimsuit Issue 2014 Cover Odds

Sports Illustrated has reached the 50th anniversary of their immensely popular Swimsuit Issue. While the magazine itself isn’t quite as good as it once was, the Swimsuit Issue hasn’t really diminished as a cultural icon and pop culture force.

Over fifty years of the Swimsuit Issue, it has featured 40 models on the cover. I don’t think that this year’s 50th anniversary issue will add to that tally though. I explain in The Lowdown Blog’s annual examination of who will make the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
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Sunday Link-Off: The Red Line

kate-upton-christie-brinkley-styleawards13-01It’s the end of the week which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s go two-for-one with the opening pic with Kate Upton and Christie Brinkley. You know, Christy might be 28 years Kate’s senior but looks every bit as good.

This time one year ago, both the Democrats and Republicans agreed that the “red line” in Syria was the use of chemical weapons. Well, that certainly seems to have changed. (NBC News)

With the US House of Representatives likely to deny the President the ability to launch a punitive offensive against Syria, what questions should we be asking about the use of chemical weapons against civilians in the country and the actions that should be taken in response? (New York Times)

Here’s a quiet bit of finance news that should be a big deal. Thomson Reuters allegedly sold economic data to traders two seconds early which allowed their computers to get ahead of the market. (Rolling Stone)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Forces of Good and Bad

kate-upton-vogue13-07It’s the middle of the week which means that it’s time for the links. Things have been a bit quiet on the blog lately but I’m hoping that inspiration will strike and I’ll write some more interesting things soon. Let’s kick it off with Kate Upton who I’m pretty sure hasn’t been on the blog since she landed her second SI Swimsuit Issue cover.

The mainstream media would have you believe that Anonymous are evil but the hacking group have been a force of good who have been a leading force in uncovering evidence of rape that the police just aren’t interested in finding. (Mother Jones)

Not only does austerity prevent much economic stimulation but it also has a real world effect on people. Austerity measures also affect the social safety net that so many people rely on. (New York Times)

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says Canadians are entitled to know what the government is up to… Only if it can be spun positively for the governing Conservative Party. (MacLean’s)

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Wednesday Link-Off: State of the Union

kate-upton-si13-17Alright, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue came out yesterday and Kate Upton was on the cover. That means that we are sort of obligated to feature her today.

A day after I give Esquire a hard time over its content over on et geekera, they turn around and do a pretty good profile of the man who shot Osama bin Laden. (Esquire)

One of the big stories to come out that Esquire profile is the state of benefits for veterans. Regardless of what the truth is for the shooter, Obamacare is still a good deal. (Wonkblog)

Last night’s GOP response to the State of the Union was made by Marco Rubio. Is he the future of the Republican Party? (Washington Post)

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SI Swimsuit Issue 2013 Cover Odds

We’re back with this year’s edition of our trademark breakdown of the favourites to make this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. The 2013 SI Swimsuit Issue is a milestone as it marks the 50th edition. There have been forty cover models over the first 49 issues starting with Babette March back in 1964.

Continuing with our annual tradition of Swimsuit Issue prognostication, today, we give you the official unofficial examination of who will make the cover of this year’s SI Swimsuit Issue. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Year-in-Review 2012

kate-upton-vogue12-07It’s time for our year-in-review linkdump. Rather than the usual assortment of fun and/or timely links, it’s time to look back at the year that was. It’ll also make our lives easier if we end up doing a year-in-review podcast but that would mean we do a podcast which means it’s not likely to happen.

Anyway, let’s kick this post off with our 2012 woman of the year, Kate Upton. If you’re wondering how we select the blog’s woman of the year, we use maths and search results. If you don’t like our pick, you only have the internet to blame.

For the second time, Barack Obama was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. The other time was after he won the 2008 Presidential Election. (Time)

From proper news to the terribly written news, it’s a look at the worst columns of 2012. (The Atlantic Wire)

But if you’d like to read something a little better, the NYT has their 100 most notable books of 2012. (New York Times)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Long Reads

Let’s not waste any time kicking off the post. Here’s Kate Upton. The photograph was taken by Terry Richardson who is still one of the creepiest looking guys I’ve ever seen.

Last November, NBC’s Bob Costa interviewed Jerry Sandusky after he was charged with child molestation. Now, the prosecution is considering entering the full interview transcript into evidence. That full interview went 36 minutes instead of just the 8 that aired. (The Centre Daily Times)

An unnamed athlete’s PR guy talks about his job of lying to everyone to protect his client’s name. (Deadspin) One of the commenter’s put it right when he said that the PR guy happily taking the money to lie sounds like the man lying to himself.

I’m legitimately excited that Microsoft has a near ultrabook level tablet coming out this fall with the Surface for Windows 8 Pro (which will likely get shortened to “Surface Pro”). Here’s a hands-on look at the upcoming Surface. (Engadget)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Mind Over Matter

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Kate Upton is kind of a big deal. I think that’s a case of matter over mind, actually.

North Korean media thinks the President of South Korea has a brain capacity of 2 MB. They’ve misunderestimated him a bit. Scientists believe that the human brain is capable of capacity in the terabytes. (Slate)

Want to ramp up your processing power? In your head, I mean. I’m still not done with your brain. Here are nine ways to make yourself smarter. (Gizmodo)

Looking for a real-life spy thriller? An inquest into the death of an MI6 agent has all the elements you would expect from a classic British spy novel. (New York Times)

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