Wednesday Link-Off: Year-in-Review 2012

kate-upton-vogue12-07It’s time for our year-in-review linkdump. Rather than the usual assortment of fun and/or timely links, it’s time to look back at the year that was. It’ll also make our lives easier if we end up doing a year-in-review podcast but that would mean we do a podcast which means it’s not likely to happen.

Anyway, let’s kick this post off with our 2012 woman of the year, Kate Upton. If you’re wondering how we select the blog’s woman of the year, we use maths and search results. If you don’t like our pick, you only have the internet to blame.

For the second time, Barack Obama was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. The other time was after he won the 2008 Presidential Election. (Time)

From proper news to the terribly written news, it’s a look at the worst columns of 2012. (The Atlantic Wire)

But if you’d like to read something a little better, the NYT has their 100 most notable books of 2012. (New York Times)

After the jump, we look at 2012 in pop culture, sports and more.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best of pop culture. First up, it’s the 50 best albums of 2012. (NPR)

And here are the 50 best memes of 2012. You already know what the #1 meme of the year was. It couldn’t be anything else. (Ranker)

Rather than link to a list of the best movies of 2012, here’s a simple recap of everything noteworthy in movies this year, including reboot after reboot after reboot. (Cracked)

Not every movie this year was good. In fact, this year’s worst movies are so bad that they even review themselves. (Film Drunk)

TV wasn’t any better than film this year. Here are the eight worst performances on TV this year from people we expect better from… Except Kate Hudson. I expect little to nothing from her. (Pajiba)

There’s no shortage of bad music on the pop charts these days but these ten songs are the worst from 2012. (Smosh)

On to the world of sports. First up is a look at some of the more incredible moments of the past year. (With Leather)

Since the NHL has managed to turn itself into a massive joke with the latest lockout, why not look at the on-ice funny moments of 2012. I’m slightly shocked Setoguchi only made it to #3. (Puck Daddy)

Photo gallery time! It’s been a while since we’ve run these regularly. First, it’s the most powerful images of 2012. (Gawker)

Celebrities don’t get a pass at year-end. Here are some of the strangest looks that celebs sported on the red carpet. Don’t they pay people to make sure they don’t dress like idiots? (BuzzFeed)

Video game developers wouldn’t lie to you, would they? Of course they would. Here are some of the worst offenders of the falsified screenshot. (Kotaku)

And let’s close out this look at 2012 with a look ahead to 2013 with these media predictions for next year. (Nieman Journalism Lab)

YouTube themselves mashed up the year’s top moments and viral videos into a megamix.

Not to be left out, Jimmy Kimmel recapped some of the better viral clips of the year and named his clip of the year.

Back to sports one last time. Leo Messi set a record with 91 goals on the season. Here’s a compilation of Messi’s goals epic goals.

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