Worst of Music: Glee – Rolling in the Deep

Last week in the Lowdown Blog Man Lab, I dissected British singing sensation Adele. I mentioned that I wasn’t a fan but that didn’t mean I wished harm upon her. Unfortunately, last week on Glee, harm is what found her as the Glee cast got a hold of her #1 song Rolling in the Deep. The result is enough for us to call for the cancellation of Glee. Continue reading


Worst of Music: Glee – Gold Digger

It might seem hypocritical of me to say this because I’ve noted many times that I hate hip hop music, but I love rap. I’m not a huge Kanye fan but I like his breakout hit song Gold Digger. Like most songs, cover versions don’t come close to matching the quality of the original. However, one particular cover reaches levels of suckage so high that it deserves special mention here. It’s the Gold Digger cover performed by the cast of Glee. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: (Not) Full Frontal

Jump starting the latest edition of the Entertainment Link-Off is Dianna Agron from the latest GQ photoshoot. I suppose this fits with the Wednesday Link-Off when Steve featured Agron’s castmate Lea Michele.  After seeing these ‘provocative’ pictures, would you be tuning into the FOX musical comedy on Tuesday nights now?

After the jump, Zack Galifianakis got Galifianakis’ed, sneak peek at Kick Ass 2, Tron Legacy posters galore, Jessica Alba’s fake nude scene, more on the GQ Glee photoshoot that caused an uproar, great movie censoring moments on TV and a new music recommendation of the week. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Dog Days of Summer

You know it’s the end of the summer when there are no new releases worth mentioning in theatres this weekend. Unless you feel like checking out the special edition of Avatar, perhaps it’s worth pointing out that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is still in theatres at the moment! That’s why I’m starting this entry off with Ramona Flowers, I mean Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

After the jump M. Night Shyamalan pokes fun at himself, Jennifer Aniston makes desperate attention seeking move, Lex Luthor and Joker channel their inner Calvin and Hobbes, a look at the Tron-a-Sutra, some awesome Scott Pilgrim mashups and Ving Rhames wins the Best Actor Oscar. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2010: Sunday Roundup

It’s the final day of Comic-Con and there is no big event for the day. However it was a good day for TV shows. Fan favourites like Smallville and Supernatural makes another appearance. Meanwhile Glee is back at Comic-Con to please all the Gleeks out there (though I still don’t know what it’s doing at Comic-Con). Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Blockbuster Season Is Here

Leading off the Entertainment Link-Off this week is Lizzy Caplan. She recently appeared in the film Hot Tub Time Machine. That film is hilarious and is filled with some quite memorable one-liners. If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely go check it out.

After the jump, Roger Ebert hates 3D movies, a new Save Chuck campaign, a few tidbits on upcoming films and the Muppets released their commentary on the hit viral video Bohemian Rhapsody. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Let’s Do the Time Warp

This weekend marks the release of a movie that features two totally unrelated things into one single concept. Yes, I am talking about Hot Tub Time Machine. It might be one of the most ridiculous movie titles out there, but it gets the point across. Lyndsy Fonseca (right) appears in this raunchy comedy. Keep an eye out for her since she’ll be showing up in front of the silver screen again when Kick Ass hits theatres April 16th!

After the jump Scott Pilgrim trailer finally hits the net, 3D movies aren’t the rage, a special edition of Sue’s Corner and an interesting biopic that should be made into a feature film. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: An Epic of Epic Epicness

G’day everyone! It’s time for another edition of the ELO and this week, let’s kick it off with the newly single Cheryl Cole. Might as well introduce all the folks in North America to her now. If Simon Cowell gets his way, she’ll be in front of your TV screens very soon.

After the jump, Agent John Casey gets the Chuck Norris treatment, a small rivalry going on between Kick Ass and Clash of the Titans, the new Scott Pilgrim one-sheet, some Glee news, a TV theme songs medley and Hugh Jackman sings in Chinese! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Is There A Doctor in the House?

It’s Saturday again, so that means the Entertainment Link-Off is here. This week features Nicky Whelan. She might be better known for her work in the Aussie soap Neighbours, but she’s currently on Scrubs as the hot Aussie med student Maya. I don’t think her name was mentioned once in the first 3 episodes this season and her entire screen time probably doesn’t exceed 5 minutes. Oh well, she’s there for eye candy purposes.

After the jump, some Avatar news, take a lesson on how to fire someone in Gotham City, a look at movies that should have never seen the light of day and Brian Cox teaches Hamlet to a 2 year old kid. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Black Friday Hangover

I’m sure everyone is exhausted from the endless shopping, so it’s time to just sit down, relax and check out this week’s Entertainment Link-Off. After a Twilight heavy link-off, let’s shift the focus to other stuff. This ELO features Anna Kendrick. She’ll be co-starring with George Clooney in the film Up in the Air. The critically acclaimed film directed by Jason Reitman is set to hit theatres next week. Hurray! We can simply forget that she was in that vampire movie that just came out.

After the jump, a few featurettes on Avatar, FOX announces its midseason schedule, some fun Star Wars stuff and more Lego awesomeness. Continue reading