Comic-Con 2009: Sunday Roundup

Sundays are usually a lot quieter than the previous days at Comic-Con. With most of the stuff out of the way, it’s time to focus on two CW shows Smallville and Supernatural. Wait… they both came from the WB back then… CW doesn’t deserve the credit. One show is long past its due date while the other is approaching its end (if the creator gets his way). Check out what happened at the panels after the jump. Continue reading


Comic-Con 2009: Saturday Roundup

Saturday was a busy day with many interesting panels going on throughout the day. There was some awesomeness from Chuck, fun stuff from the Glee panel, lots of destruction for Zombieland and 2012, Kevin Smith pays a visit to please all the nerds out there and of course… new material from Iron Man 2! Continue reading

Comic-Con 2009: Friday Roundup

While the WB panel was busy promoting their latest batch of films on Friday, two other sci-fi TV shows took snagged a lot of attention. Cult-favourite Dollhouse wowed fans with the airing of Epitaph One + Q&A, while ABC’s Flash Forward officially welcomed a new addition to their cast. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2009: Thursday Roundup

As I have mentioned in the latest Entertainment Link-Off, I will be posting some stuff on certain interesting panels/events at Comic-Con. Kicking off a series of entries is the Thursday Roundup featuring two highly anticipated films: Tron Legacy and Avatar. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2009: Awesome Chuck Poster!

So the “Chuck” panel at Comic-Con isn’t til Saturday, but to tie you over to the much anticipated event here’s is the Chuck poster specifically made for the SDCC this year! Continue reading