The Lowdown Blog Annual: 2012

With the start of a new year today, let’s take a look back at the last 12 months on the blog. Last year was another massive year for the blog. We nearly tripled our traffic over our 2011 and had more traffic in the last 12 months than the 36 months our blog was around previous to that. That was probably helped by our emphasis on longer posts and columns which got us featured on Freshly Pressed for the first time this year. So let’s look back at the year with our most read posts from 2012, the most read posts overall in 2012 and the best liked posts of 2012.

Most Popular 2012 Posts

  1. SI Swimsuit 2012 Cover Odds
  2. Early SI Swimsuit 2013 Cover Odds
  3. The Mass Effect 3 Controversy: What Went Wrong And Why It’s Not Entitlement
  4. The Humanoids: TV’s Bloopers And Practical Jokes
  5. Man Lab Showdown: Brooklyn Decker vs. Kate Upton
  6. F1 2012 Season Preview: Drivers and Teams
  7. Man Lab Showdown: Gina Carano vs. Kate Beckinsale
  8. 25 More Reasons To Celebrate Earth Day
  9. Man Lab Showdown: Barbara Palvin vs. Lais Ribeiro
  10. 2012 Hottest Canadian Final: Kristin Kreuk vs. Evangeline Lilly

Most Popular Posts Overall In 2012

  1. Early SI Swimsuit Issue 2012 Cover Odds
  2. Man Lab Showdown: Anna Kendrick vs. Aimee Teegarden
  3. Top 10 Orange County Choppers Bikes
  4. Man Lab Showdown: Adriana Lima vs. Candice Swanepoel
  5. Man Lab Showdown: Jessica Gomes vs. Miranda Kerr
  6. Man Lab Showdown: January Jones vs. Jennifer Lawrence
  7. Inexplicable Celebrity Hookups
  8. Man Lab: Back to School 2011
  9. SI Swimsuit 2012 Cover Odds
  10. 7 Reasons Not To “Chuck” Your 3D Glasses

Most Liked 2012 Posts (by Users)

  1. Is Ronald Reagan Actually a Hero of The Tea Party?
  2. Man Lab Kitchen: Grey Cup Appetizers
  3. Wallpapers of the Week: May 27, 2012
  4. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Review (or The Case Book of Detective Shepard)
  5. Caption This: December 8 – 14, 2012


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