The Best of the Hydraulic Press Channel

If there’s one part of the vast greatness of the internet that has taken the world by storm and quickly earned its Best of the Interweb status, it’s Finland’s Hydraulic Press Channel. The Finn family Vuohensilta use their hydraulic press to see what will happen when all manner of things are crushed, frozen, exploded, shot or otherwise dealt with.

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Best of LAGTV’s When Cheese Fails

I think I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog that I’m a big StarCraft fan. Even if I’m absolutely terrible at the game, I love watching competitive StarCraft and consider the WCS Championship and Homestory Cup appointment viewing. For more regular content, there is the folks over at Life’s A Glitch TV. They have regular content on YouTube and tournaments on Twitch which are almost always entertaining, even if the games they are sent aren’t perfect.

LAGTV has a couple of regular series and today we take a look at some of their best When Cheese Fails matches.

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Everything That’s Wrong with YouTube According to GradeAUnderA (Part 2)

Three weeks ago, YouTuber GradeAUnderA took a look at everything that is wrong with YouTube starting with the site’s lax attitude towards actually enforcing copyright laws, fair use and its own community guidelines. This week, GradeAUnderA looks at the other six YouTube community guidelines that YouTube purports to enforce but doesn’t seem to unless it’s against a channel trying to produce quality content.

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Everything That’s Wrong with YouTube According to GradeAUnderA

In the wake of the Fine Bros disaster, a video by YouTuber GradeAUnderA is making the rounds on Twitter and Reddit. It takes a look at the broken copyright protection system in place on YouTube and how that’s impacting business on YouTube. I mention the Fine Bros at the start because a good portion of GradeA’s video is about how many reaction videos (with the noted exception of The Fine Bros) violate YouTube’s community guidelines and copyright law with their videos for their own financial gain at the expense of those who created the videos being reacted to.

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The Fine Brothers React to Backlash, Rescind Trademarks and Discontinue React World

react-world-bannerThe reaction was pretty entertaining to follow but the reaction to the reaction means that the internet will have a happy ending. After enormous public backlash and pressure following the announcement of React World and the discovery of numerous trademarks, The Fine Bros and Fine Bros Entertainment announced that they would be rescinding their trademarks and cancelling React World.

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The Internet Reacts Badly to The Fine Bros Licensing React Videos

react-world-bannerThey pitched it to the world as if they were doing this great service to their fans and YouTube creators alike. When YouTube mega stars The Fine Bros announced the creation of “React World” to allow users to license their format for a share of the revenue the video generates, it turned out that almost no one agreed with their self-assessment.

Over the last week, the Fine Bros and their team have been in complete damage control mode as they try to quell the internet uproar over the brotherly duo and their company trademarking “react” and apparently claiming ownership of reaction videos on YouTube.

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The Best of the Angry Joe Show

angry-joe-show-bannerLet’s bookend the week with another YouTube themed entry into our Best of the Interweb series. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but both Jackie and I are gamers. Granted, only one of us is gaming on a now current-gen console but… at least I have a PC?

Now, we’ve looked at the best of Yahtzee Croshaw’s Zero Punctuation in the past. If I was to name the best game reviewer on YouTube, that would have to be Angry Joe and his titular Angry Joe Show. Joe has over one million subscribers and his Angry Reviews routinely get over one million views. So for today’s best of the interweb, we have Angry Joe’s ten most popular Angry Reviews.

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