Comic-Con 2009: Saturday Roundup

Saturday was a busy day with many interesting panels going on throughout the day. There was some awesomeness from Chuck, fun stuff from the Glee panel, lots of destruction for Zombieland and 2012, Kevin Smith pays a visit to please all the nerds out there and of course… new material from Iron Man 2!


Thanks to the incredible fan support out there, Chuck will be returning midseason on NBC (and possibly for a full 22 episodes if enough eyeballs tune in). It’s going to be a long wait, but at least the panel provided enough entertainment to keep us all happy until next year. In the meantime, just stick with the Chuck Me Monday routine.

The panel starts off with a hilarious clip of creator Josh Schwartz, writer Chris Fedak and Zachary Levi in Schwartz’s office munching on Subway sandwiches to drown out their sorrows from Chuck’s “cancellation”. However, it was picked up! Zach celebrates while Fedak and Schwartz are at a total loss since they’re out of ideas…

Cue in the Jeffster performance!!! *catch the clip later in this article*

Throughout the panel and Q&A, fans were asking really interesting questions as Fedak kept “making notes” for the upcoming season.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the session:

  • Joshua Gomez was wearing pink underwear.
  • Adam Baldwin gives a neat shout-out to Joss Whedon!
  • Fedak mentioned that “The Chuck story is a story of a hero. We’re telling a story of a hero in pieces. Now he has powers and abilities. But you can’t figure that out in a day. So you have Sarah and Casey … as senseis.” This could be interesting.
  • Schwartz also teases that something traumatic will happen between Chuck and Sarah! OMG! No way! What can be more traumatic than the almost-sex last season?
  • Captain Awesome is entering the spyworld too! Awesome!
  • During the Q&A, a cute little girl asks Zach who is his best friend among the cast. While Zach tries to be diplomatic at first, he later singles out Josh Gomez. Awww, there is some real life bromance that’s outside of the show.
  • There was actually a kid named Orion in the audience. Oh he also asked if there will be Chuck action figures (he totally read my mind). While we didn’t get any straight answers, Adam Baldwin did comment that he needs another one, while Zach pretends to be jealous and mumbles “Firefly.”
  • One fan wants to see Casey drop the tough, military exterior and get romantic, and Schwartz says, “I’ve always been obsessed with the idea that Ellie and Awesome are on the rocks and Casey’s trimming his bonsai tree in the window, their eyes lock, and there’s a moment.” Adam then chips in “I would do that.”
  • One fan asked if languages was to be programmed into the new intersect within Chuck. Apparently the audience prefers Mandarin, while Zach Levi doesn’t mind learning Cantonese first!
  • While on the topic of potential guest stars, someone shouted out Adam Brody (who was on The OC, which was created by Schwartz), which Josh let out a somewhat surprised “wow.”
  • Another fan brought up the idea of a musical episode, which led to Fedak “jotting it down”. I would love to see a musical episode! Seriously, who doesn’t want to see the Buy Morons break out into song and dance? Jeffster has quite the following already! Plus, I’m positive it will please many Chuck viewers out there.

The panel was fun and entertaining. There were plenty of jokes followed by lots of laughter. If this panel is any indication of what the show will be like this season, we have nothing to worry about.

They also mentioned a new blog/site. Check out (haha, Chuck me out) on a regular basis prior to the start of the third season!

To those that want to see it, here’s Jeffster kicking off the Chuck panel!

Credit: Pop Culture Reference @ Youtube


I was one of the many people who initially thought “what in the world is Glee doing at Comic Con?” In many ways, this show didn’t really fit the event, on the other hand, it doesn’t really matter because 1) it’s an awesome show 2) it still managed to fill the room at a totally unrelated event like Comic-Con.

It’s hard to describe where Glee fits in with regards to the different genres since it takes a bit from everything. Even the cast members have trouble describing the show… well except for Cory Monteith who just blurts out “it’s like if ‘High School Musical’ had been punched in the stomach and had its lunch money stolen.” That sounds about right.

While this was another fun panel to check out, there are times when it seemed a bit lop-sided as many questions were directed at one of the stars, Lea Michele.

So what did we learn about Glee at Comic-Con?

  • A late season episode will feature songs from both Barbara Streisand and The Rolling Stones!
  • The cast will be heading out on a 10 city tour to drum up interest for the show! Alright people, get ready to get your Glee on!
  • Expect to see some interesting guest stars such as Kristen Chenowith, Josh Groban, Victor Garber and Eve.
  • The soundtrack for the show will be out in November.

This is one of the shows to look out for this fall. I can’t wait til it returns in September!


It’s funny how Woody Harrelson is involved in both Zombieland and 2012. While both films share the common theme of the world ending there is one big difference between them. One could be really good while the other could be so bad that it’s good!

Zombieland is very gory yet very funny at the same time. It’s certainly feels like another Shaun of the Dead, so that’s already a good sign. Hopefully the red-band trailer will surface soon and I will post it in the trailer watch.

There was also a rumour floating around that Bill Murray plays a zombie in the movie. However, we were all treated with a non-answer when Harrelson replied with “I can confirm that there is a rumour that Bill Murray is in Zombieland.”

On the other end of the spectrum is Roland Emmerich’s 2012. Four minutes worth of epic disaster was displayed at Comic-Con. It’s nothing original but at the same time but what do you really expect from another disaster porn anyway?

2012 is so ridiculous and over the top but it’s so awesome at the same time. According to Emmerich, it will be the mother of all disaster films and it will also be his last (yeah right) as his next feature film will be the sci-fi story “Foundation”.

Without spoiling too much, here’s basically what happened in the 4 minute clip. There was a stretched limo involved, people running for the lives, thousands of “extras” killed, buildings crumbling, a man with little experience with planes flying a plane, a car smashing through a building and more structural damage. If you weren’t intrigued initially, you should be now!

A Couple of Dicks

Some brief Kevin Smith news here. He took a break from filming his latest flick A Couple of Dicks to drop in at Comic-Con. It’s very nice of him to take some time to speak to fans eh?

Well the big news at his panel is that his new flick A Couple of Dicks might not be able to carry the same name in the television ads (remember Zack and Miri Make A Porno situation from last year?). Anyway while FOX is willing to run the ads with the full title, the other big three aren’t. I guess people are just a bit touchy when the word “dick” is in the title.

Smith blames the move on Janet Jackson when he blurted out “We’re all still paying for Janet Jackson’s tit. That boob haunts me.”

Iron Man 2

The biggest event of the night was the Iron Man 2 panel as fans packed into Hall H to catch the latest on the blockbuster sequel. While it didn’t generate as much buzz as the original film, fans were still delighted… especially after seeing the final clip involving the highly anticipated War Machine.

Some fun tidbits from the panel.

  • Favreau kicked things off with a deliberately cheesy-looking introduction that resembled a low-budget marketing clip. Downey quickly jumps in: “What was that unadulterated garbage?! This is bullshit, dude! You showed me better stuff in the editing room! We got 5,000 people here ready to see some real stuff.”
  • Favreau led the entire hall to sing along to Happy Birthday for his 8 year old son before screening the clip. Awwww.
  • Very subtle reference to the ousting of Terrance Howard in one of the film clips.
  • They are not doing the “demon in a bottle” storyline because the movie is not dark enough. Darn, the studio wants to keep the movie PG to appeal to a larger audience.
  • A fan asks lame question about whether RDJ was ever considered to play War Machine because he played an African-American in “Tropic Thunder.” Really? Why would you waste a question on that?

I know that we’re still in the middle of summer, but May 2010 just can’t come soon enough!

Check back tonight for a little post on the Smallville and Supernatural panel at Comic-Con 2009.


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