Entertainment Link-Off: Nut Up or Shut Up

emma stone 2Welcome to another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. In celebration of the release of Zombieland, here’s Emma Stone.

After the jump, more zombie related stuff, sex gone wrong, some movie news and take a look at how certain movie franchises should have ended.

Want to know what Chris Rock really thinks of Roman Polanski? (NBC) (Youtube – start @ 2:30 mark)

Top 10 reasons David Letterman confessed to affairs on his late night talk show. (Zap2it)

Jay Leno comments on Letterman’s extortion plot. (Nikki Finke)

Speaking of sex related stuff gone bad, this celebrity sex tape is something you probably don’t want to see. (Zap2it)

America hates gay penguins, Gossip Girl, critically acclaimed novels like The Kite Runner and To Kill A Mockingbird… and Harry Potter witchcraft. (BBC)

Michael Bay lied. Transformers 3 IS coming out in 2011. (Slashfilm) Expect more friendly banter between Michael Bay and Megan Fox for the next few years!

Well if you thought the last two Pirates of the Caribbean were bad, looks like the new batch of sequels will be worse. (Latino Review)

Christopher Nolan’s Inception will be in IMAX! Except it won’t be filmed in IMAX… (Collider)

Spore spawns a flick courtesy of FOX. This is going to end well… (Latino Review)

Looks like NBC wants to have a companion piece for Chuck. (Slashfilm)

Ever wonder why Glee is so successful? (The Toronto Star)

Uh oh. Simon Cowell wants to bring X-Factor to America. (Entertainment Weekly)

The latest fad in Hollywood: Mad Men parodies. (Give Me My Remote)

Dollhouse just dipped to a new ratings low (2.1 million viewers, 0.8/3 in adults 18-49). This is rather unfortunate since season 2 is off to a good start (story-wise). Anyway, the cheap production costs for the show is the reason why FOX kept it, but will it be enough for the show to stay alive this time around? (TV by the Numbers)

Can’t get enough of Eliza Dushku? Add her to your desktop. (FOX)

Kate Beckinsale is still the sexiest woman alive. (JoBlo)

Alyson Hannigan + Emily Deschanel + Katherine McPhee + Minka Kelly + Jamie King = BEST SLUMBER PARTY EVER! (Funny or Die)

James Franco’s career isn’t exactly going down the crapper, so why is he dipping into soap operas? (Collider)

emma stoneLooks like Emma Stone has another hit to her resume. Zombieland has topped the box office this weekend! (Nikki Finke)

28 Days Later is a fantastic zombie movie. Of course, if you’re too lazy to watch the entire movie, you can find out what happens in one minute! (JoBlo)

Wanna see Olivia Munn kill that guy from Twilight? I think this would have been a nice epic finish to the vampire series. (Olivia Munn)

This is how Terminator should have ended: an epic mash-up of the Terminator films and Back to the Future.


Who cares if 2012 will suck! This disaster flick is worth seeing at a theatre. Not convinced? Check out this clip below.


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