Entertainment Link-Off: The Hunt Continues

The highly anticipated action/horror film Predators is finally out this weekend! Since the film only has one female star, let’s put some additional attention on her. Kicking off this week’s ELO is Alice Braga!

After the jump, more Predators related links, some awesome Tron Legacy tribute videos, Christopher Nolan wants to reboot Bond, a love song for cancelled TV shows and a special version of Twilight just for guys. Continue reading


Entertainment Link-Off: An Epic of Epic Epicness

G’day everyone! It’s time for another edition of the ELO and this week, let’s kick it off with the newly single Cheryl Cole. Might as well introduce all the folks in North America to her now. If Simon Cowell gets his way, she’ll be in front of your TV screens very soon.

After the jump, Agent John Casey gets the Chuck Norris treatment, a small rivalry going on between Kick Ass and Clash of the Titans, the new Scott Pilgrim one-sheet, some Glee news, a TV theme songs medley and Hugh Jackman sings in Chinese! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Silence Be Heard

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Kicking off this week is Gemma Arterton. She was a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace (yeah, I haven’t see it either). Never heard of her? No worries! She’ll be making her blockbuster splash this year with the upcoming Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

After the jump Jennifer Love Hewitt found a new way to decorate herself, more on the upcoming TV season, a behind the scenes look at Tim Burton’s work, a SNL presidential reunion and Roger Ebert speaks! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Stealing Attention

When was the last time we heard anything from Michelle Trachtenberg? This does nicely, though.

The Ottawa Senators held a charity event this week. Nobody cared about the hockey players, though. (CBC)

China renamed a mountain after Avatar to take credit for some of the artwork. (BBC) So this means that there’s a mountain in the Himalayas that should be named “Uncharted 2.” Awesome game by the way. As a system-exclusive game, it blows 360’s Halo out of the water.

Screech has fallen hard since Saved By The Bell. First there was the sex tape. Then an appearance on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling. Now it’s the obligatory tell-all book. Some of his claims border on the utterly ridiculous but they’re attention grabbing. (11 Points)

After the jump, celebrity love gone wrong, fighting on TV, and Katy gets catty. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Be A Nerd, Join the Herd

This weekend marks the return of one of the best shows on network TV right now. Chuck premieres tomorrow night with 2 back to back new episodes followed by another new episode in its regular timeslot on Monday at 8 pm on NBC (CityTV in Canada). To celebrate this special occasion, here’s Yvonne Strahovski.

This post also marks my last Entertainment Link-Off before going on a 2 month hiatus. I can only assume that Steve is taking over, so he’ll keep you company for a little while.

After the jump Jay Leno’s in trouble at NBC, some more Avatar links, my own list of top 10 films of 2009 and Michael Cera shows some ‘range’ in his acting. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: The New Year Is Here!

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to the first edition of the Entertainment Link-Off in 2010. Let’s kick off the new year with Isabel Lucas. She can be seen in the upcoming vampire flick Daybreakers, which is out next week.

After the jump a brief look back into 2009, Ricky Gervais and Elmo reunite and another James Cameron/Avatar related video. I sent Steve the link to the ‘making of the bootleg’ video and he poached it and put it in his Wednesday Link-Off. Bastard. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Shop Til You Drop

It’s a slow week here since everyone is off on holidays. Today is Boxing Day, which means everyone is lined up at the malls looking for a deal. In fact, I’m heading out to grab something, so I’ll keep this one brief. For those that do not plan on heading out to the crowded shopping malls, here’s something for you to read! Kicking this off is Olivia Wilde. I swear these photoshoots are reminding me to go check out shows that I generally miss over the year. Alright, I’m off to grab some House DVDs! Yes I choose to watch Chuck live, so House tends to be on the back burner.

After the jump, brief tidbits on movies, the Home Alone Twitter Project and Glee Flashmob! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Out of Body Experience

I was going to kick off the Entertainment Link-Off with Zoe Saldana in celebration of the release of Avatar. However, Jessica Stroup’s photoshoot with Complex snagged my attention sometime midweek and I changed my mind. After seeing this, I sort of regret not tuning into 90210 this season. Well since there isn’t anything on during the winter break… might as well catch up I suppose.

After the jump Snoop Dogg cooks brownies with Martha Stewart, some Avatar stuff, a really lengthy review of The Phantom Menace, Jack Bauer interrogates Santa and Tron Tennis! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Is There A Doctor in the House?

It’s Saturday again, so that means the Entertainment Link-Off is here. This week features Nicky Whelan. She might be better known for her work in the Aussie soap Neighbours, but she’s currently on Scrubs as the hot Aussie med student Maya. I don’t think her name was mentioned once in the first 3 episodes this season and her entire screen time probably doesn’t exceed 5 minutes. Oh well, she’s there for eye candy purposes.

After the jump, some Avatar news, take a lesson on how to fire someone in Gotham City, a look at movies that should have never seen the light of day and Brian Cox teaches Hamlet to a 2 year old kid. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Black Friday Hangover

I’m sure everyone is exhausted from the endless shopping, so it’s time to just sit down, relax and check out this week’s Entertainment Link-Off. After a Twilight heavy link-off, let’s shift the focus to other stuff. This ELO features Anna Kendrick. She’ll be co-starring with George Clooney in the film Up in the Air. The critically acclaimed film directed by Jason Reitman is set to hit theatres next week. Hurray! We can simply forget that she was in that vampire movie that just came out.

After the jump, a few featurettes on Avatar, FOX announces its midseason schedule, some fun Star Wars stuff and more Lego awesomeness. Continue reading