Entertainment Link-Off: The Story Begins…

In the Man-Lab Showdown yesterday, we totally left out another star of the film, Rose Byrne. The Aussie actress is having one heck of a summer with the surprise hit Bridesmaids and now appearing as Moira MacTaggert in X-Men: The First Class. Given this weekend marks the release of the mutant franchise prequel, it would be appropriate to kick off the weekend entries with the ladies from the film. Speaking of which, X-Men: The First Class is a refreshing, engaging entry to the X-Men films, so check it out in theatres when you get the chance.

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Man Lab Showdown: January Jones vs. Jennifer Lawrence

For our second Man Lab showdown, we have a battle of the X-Women that star in this weekend’s X-Men: First Class. This First Class battle pits one of TV’s established stars against one of Hollywood’s up and coming stars. In one corner is Hollywood’s latest sweetheart and Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence. In the other is veteran actress and Emmy nominee January Jones.

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Entertainment Link-Off: The Hunt Continues

The highly anticipated action/horror film Predators is finally out this weekend! Since the film only has one female star, let’s put some additional attention on her. Kicking off this week’s ELO is Alice Braga!

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