Sunday Link-Off: The Calm Before the Storm

yvonne-strahovski-rosenthal15-05bI hope you aren’t coming here today looking for election links. We’re trying something different for #elxn42. Tomorrow, we have a special Election Link-Off that will cover everything you need to know ahead of voting. So if you’re looking for election info, tomorrow is the day to come by the blog.

But before tomorrow’s E(lection)LO, it’s Sunday so it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Yvonne Strahovski.

A book from inside city hall in Toronto has been written about Rob Ford. Here’s an excerpt. (Politico)

Did you know that Canada is sending its waste to the Philippines and using the country as a dump? (Vice)

It’s not wrong to say that big money buys elections and political favour. Half of the money in the 2016 Presidential campaign so far have come from just 158 families. (New York Times)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Behind The Scenes

With Jackie on assignment these next two weeks (I’ve always wanted to say that), I’m your pop culture guru for the next two editions of the Entertainment Link-Off. It’s hard enough finding links for one linkdump when the interweb is basically shut down for American Thanksgiving. I had to fill two linkdumps on about 48 hours notice but I think you’ll be happy.

Anyway, there are three big wide releases this weekend (well, by this weekend I mean on Wednesday). There is the heavily hyped Life of Pi which is the best reviewed movie of the weekend but still looks like a low rent version of Castaway. Alternatively, you could watch the star-studded animated Rise of the Guardians. Or if you want to rot your brain, you can go see Red Dawn. Rather than promote those movies, here’s former Chuck, now Dexter star Yvonne Strahovski. Continue reading

Man Lab Link-Off: Making You A Better Man

We’re back with another set of links from the Man Lab to help you with women and make you a better man. That’s why we kick off this post with Cintia Dicker. If ever there was a woman to convince me to make myself a better man, it would be her.

One of the most important things that a man can be is on time. Here’s a look at why you’re always late and how to make yourself more punctual. (The Art of Manliness)

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Wednesday Link-Off: #3

I should be playing Mass Effect 3 right now but my hard drive had to suffer a catastrophic failure in January and cost me two (and a half) saved characters. But with ME3 out yesterday, it’s only fitting to lead-off with Yvonne Strahovski.

We all know that Rush Limbaugh is a moronic, misogynistic blowhard whose views lower the intelligence of everyone that hears them. Fortunately, after his latest tirade and thanks to the power of social media, Rush’s advertisers are leaving in droves. (Think Progress)

Speaking of advertising, since the NBA is expecting over two-thirds of teams to lose money this season, they’re looking at selling ads on jerseys. (Sporting News)

Mass Effect 3 is out! Let me repeat that to reflect my excitement: MASS EFFECT THREE!!!!!1!!3! Here’s a pretty detailed, but not spoilerish, review. (Kotaku)

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Sunday Link-Off: Power and Politics

It’s time for the return of the Sunday links after a three-week hiatus. To make up for the absence, here’s Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski. Maybe the show would’ve had better ratings if she did more photoshoots like this before the fifth and final season.

If you’ve ever wondered why it seems as though American political coverage has gone a bit overboard, we finally know who to blame. Political coverage is following the lead of sports coverage. (The Atlantic)

The Black Keys think Nickelback sucks. I knew there was a reason I liked these guys. (Uproxx)

It was AJ Daulerio’s final week at Deadspin last week. That meant that he got a classically Deadspin-esque roast sendoff. And he’s been roasted by the likes of Leitch, Magary, Scott Van Pelt and more. Sadly, no Brett Favre. (Deadspin)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Big Game

It’s the middle of the week which must mean it’s time for another Wednesday Link-Off. Let’s kick off with Yvonne Strahovski. She’s not in Maxim because of Chuck though. A quality TV program like that is above their heads. That’s why those Maxim morons will spend Mondays at 10:00 watching something plotless with generic eye candy like The Playboy Club instead of a show with substance and a quality lead actress like Stana Katic in Castle. Alright, rant over. On with the links.

EA Sports’ NHL 12 is out this week. There’s all sorts of buzz about this year’s game because of the addition of the Winter Classic and the legends. But the story recently gaining traction is one girl’s letter which caused EA to add women as created players. (Globe and Mail)

Of course, like the last few NHL games, EA is really going for realism. For example, they have specific tweaks to the Be A GM mode for Canadian teams. (The Leafs Nation)

Deadspin founder Will Leitch (who probably hates being introduced as that) wrote a great piece on homosexuality and sports. (New York Magazine)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Holiday Hangover

NBC filled their Monday with Chuck reruns and IGN named Mass Effect 2 their top XBox 360 game of 2010 so why not lead with Yvonne Strahovski.

For once, a complainer gets what’s coming to him. In 1974, a Cleveland Browns fan wrote in a complaint about other fans. The Browns’ response is epic. (Cleveland Scene)

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions now but how are we going to be doing the Christmas season in 500 years. (Cracked)

Here’s a funny little Christmas cartoon about a little boy who didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas. Parents beware. (The High Definite)

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Late Night Link-Off: The Great Linkdump Caper

Welcome to the first installment in what is our late-night linkdump here on the blog. We’re now negotiating doing a weekly linkdump for our pals over at a blog to be named when we complete the deal. These definitely aren’t the standard links that you’ll see on the WLO, ELO or SLO. Let’s call them rated-R links with some typical Lowdown fun and insanity. To kick off the first installment of the LNLO, here’s Taylor Swift who’s probably the least R-rated celeb in the world.

South Park just did their parody of food porn on last week’s episode but here are ten videos that are slightly more truthful in their advertising of food porn in a SFW sort of way. (Manofest)

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Sunday Link-Off: Tech Wars

The new TV season kicks off tomorrow. To celebrate, here’s Chuck (and Mass Effect 2) star Yvonne Strahovski.

Let’s kick off the links with this great, in-depth Q&A with Los Angeles Dodgers play-by-play man and the voice of baseball Vin Scully. (Big League Stew)

A lot has been made over the Reggie Bush scandal and there are very few voices of reason. Fortunately, Sir Charles Barkley is here to set the record straight: Everybody gets paid. (Out of Bounds)

Have you seen the new Twitter yet? I opined about it in this week’s Humanoids column but here’s a more in-depth look at how it works. (Lifehacker)

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Chuck Season Three Finale Primer

Seventeen episodes down and only two to go. Tonight marks the end of the third season of Chuck. Unlike last season, the show has already been renewed for a fourth season. But just because the show is safe from cancellation doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be watching it. Unlike last night’s Lost finale, catching you up for tonight’s finale of Chuck should be fairly straight-forward. Continue reading