Entertainment Link-Off: Stealing Attention

When was the last time we heard anything from Michelle Trachtenberg? This does nicely, though.

The Ottawa Senators held a charity event this week. Nobody cared about the hockey players, though. (CBC)

China renamed a mountain after Avatar to take credit for some of the artwork. (BBC) So this means that there’s a mountain in the Himalayas that should be named “Uncharted 2.” Awesome game by the way. As a system-exclusive game, it blows 360’s Halo out of the water.

Screech has fallen hard since Saved By The Bell. First there was the sex tape. Then an appearance on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling. Now it’s the obligatory tell-all book. Some of his claims border on the utterly ridiculous but they’re attention grabbing. (11 Points)

After the jump, celebrity love gone wrong, fighting on TV, and Katy gets catty.

A quick tabloid article. It turns out that Natalie Portman as sweet and innocent a woman as we were led to believe. (New York Post)

Another quick article. John Mayer may or may not be dating Taylor Swift but he definitely isn’t dating Jennifer Aniston. I think that was a not so subtle dig. (Pop Sugar)

And a third quick article in a row. Danica Patrick is taking over. She’s joining the NASCAR Nationwide Series and running some ARCA this year. She’s also going to be on CSI:NY. (Hotties in Cleats) I doubt they would do something as obvious as have her play someone suspected of a hit-and-run.

Back to Avatar. It may be the highest grossing film of all-time but it’s nowhere close to selling the most tickets of all-time. (The Live Feed)

The Office in a college course? Oh hell yeah. (Daily UW) The only thing is that Seinfeld could just as well teach you how to write a TV show based on real-life situations. Where’s that course?

Fights are a regular occurence on the radio show. On TV, however, it’s a bit more rare to see a fight but they’re a hell of a show. (Holy Taco)

Speaking of TV and fights, Jean Claude Van Damme is going to be fighting in China later this year. He’ll chronicle his preparations and the fight himself in a reality TV series. (ESPN)

And Jay Leno claims that the fight between him and Conan was really between him and the network. (TV Barn) In a sense, he’s right. The network fucked everyone over. Especially the viewers.

Another 3D movie? I know 3D is supposed to be the future but it still seems like a gimmick to me. (Ain’t It Cool)

It’s not a photo gallery but a video gallery today. It’s 10 movie quotes to get you through life. (FlickSided)

Sadly we can’t embed these videos put it’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on an episode of Power Rangers in Space. (Part 1, Part 2)

I don’t watch American Idle (Yes, I know how to spell.) but if Katy Perry was on there, I might be more inclined to tune in.

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