Sunday Link-Off: Sequestered

jennifer-love-hewitt-shape13-07While the US government may have been sequestered (or maybe it’s just the collective sanity of the Congress that’s been sequestered), we’re still in action. Also still in action, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Terrible segue but still a great picture even if she’s looking a little thin/Photoshopped in this one.

The NRA will bully people, especially the news media, if they try to access records of people who are registered gun owners. However, they access that info regularly for fundraising. Hypocrites much? (Gawker)

In the latest case of the US Congress playing chicken with the global economy, the mandatory spending cuts negotiated in 2010 called “the sequester” started this week. So what exactly is it? (Washington Post)

I’ve probably put this post too far up in the post but I found it interesting just the same. Folks are accusing Budweiser of watering down its beer. (The Week)

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Sunday Link-Off: Social Media Meltdown

It’s the end of another week so it’s time for another set of links. I was hoping to kick off this post with an as of yet undiscovered woman but the return of Jennifer Love Hewitt is definitely a treat.

Twitter is the current big social network but it has one small problem: Nobody at Twitter had any idea as to how to make money from the damn thing. (Gawker)

Social media has also brought to light LRA leader Joseph Kony. However, the Invisible Children charity that’s taken social networks by storm with their Kony 2012 video have taken care of a tweet first, ask questions later public to distort the facts surrounding their case. Here’s a breakdown of what’s really going on with Kony. (Foreign Policy)

The biggest benefit for Invisible Children from the Kony campaign is the increased fundraising. But that increased money that the charity is raising isn’t likely to support the cause. (Jezebel)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Making An Impression

It’s time for another set of the Wednesday links. Just because this is the usual around here doesn’t mean we have to go with the usual to lead this one off. That’s why we’re kicking off with the return of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

For some reason, U2 played Spartan Stadium in Lansing, Michigan. And for another inexplicable reason, they’re paying to replace the sod at Spartan Stadium before the start of the new football stadium. It’s not like the Spartans are going to make good use of their new turf. (Off The Bench)

I’ll talk about it more on Friday but what does the continuing use of front-loaded long-term contracts mean for the NHL? (Puck Daddy)

How do you know you’re a minor-league indoor football league? When you change a rule at halftime of the championship game and retroactively apply it to the first half. (Deadspin)

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Late Night Link-Off: Hustle

Let’s kick off with Jennifer Love Hewitt in a promotion photo shoot for a TV movie that aired long before the photos came out. Makes perfect sense to me.

Some possible ideas for Christmas gifts: It’s the nine essential smart phone apps for guys. I had two on my CrackBerry before even reading the article so it has to be right. (Guyism)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Strolling On

Leading off today’s linkdump is Jennifer Love Hewitt. That being said, let’s ignore the craptacular movie whose premier she’s attending here.

They track stats of everything in baseball so it should come as no surprise that someone also tracks how long it takes a player to trot after a home run. One fighter dominates this category. (Wezen Ball)

How do you get fired from your teaching job in Mississippi? Get body slammed by a student. (Dr. Saturday)

Madison Square Garden is undergoing a retrofit soon. Some of the ideas are a bit out there, though. (New York Post)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Silence Be Heard

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Kicking off this week is Gemma Arterton. She was a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace (yeah, I haven’t see it either). Never heard of her? No worries! She’ll be making her blockbuster splash this year with the upcoming Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Owned The Podium

The Olympics are over and we can officially say that Canada owned the podium. It’s sorta like how Jennifer Love Hewitt owns Friday nights. Can’t figure out how she does that?

Hoserism trumped jingoism on Sunday as Canada beat the USA in the Game of the Century. It also meant winning the head of governmental wager. (Globe & Mail)

Canada: The greatest drinking country in the world. (Time) It’s only two weeks until St. Patty’s Day so if the Irish drinking team wants to swing by Canada, we’ll make it 15 gold medals this winter.

In my high school, any and all cell phones seen outside of a locker were confiscated. Probably so we wouldn’t film what happened at a pep rally in Winnipeg. (Total Pro Sports)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Risky Business

jenn-sterger-1Here’s Jenn Sterger who’s been making news lately. More on her in a bit.

I’ve had some bad coaches growing up but they were mostly of the incompetent kind. But the stars of the Asshole Coach Digest take the cake. (Deadspin)

Hold on to your breakfasts because here’s the 10 most brutal hockey injuries of the last ten years. If Zednik’s cut on the neck was only #3, there’s some bad ones on here. (Puck Daddy)

While those were gruesome in a bad way, these fatal injuries are hilarious. That’s because the victim in all 25 deaths is South Park’s Kenny McCormick. (IGN)

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