Movie Review: Predators

Since its introduction in 1987, Predator has become a great pop-culture flick for sci-fi action. Thanks to its box office success, it has spawned a 1990 sequel starring Danny Glover and set in L.A. which was a dud. With the film franchise seemingly dead,  two “crossover” Alien vs. Predator flicks were released to boost interest but they just made things worse. Predators is indeed better than Predator 2 and the two AVPs; however since those films set the bar pretty low, that’s not saying much. Is this movie finally worth the price of an admission ticket? Find out after the jump. Continue reading


Entertainment Link-Off: The Hunt Continues

The highly anticipated action/horror film Predators is finally out this weekend! Since the film only has one female star, let’s put some additional attention on her. Kicking off this week’s ELO is Alice Braga!

After the jump, more Predators related links, some awesome Tron Legacy tribute videos, Christopher Nolan wants to reboot Bond, a love song for cancelled TV shows and a special version of Twilight just for guys. Continue reading