Entertainment Link-Off: Silence Be Heard

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Kicking off this week is Gemma Arterton. She was a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace (yeah, I haven’t see it either). Never heard of her? No worries! She’ll be making her blockbuster splash this year with the upcoming Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

After the jump Jennifer Love Hewitt found a new way to decorate herself, more on the upcoming TV season, a behind the scenes look at Tim Burton’s work, a SNL presidential reunion and Roger Ebert speaks!

When the first Prince of Persia trailer came out, I thought the movie would be utter crap. I’m still not convinced that the movie will be all that great, but at least the second trailer looks a bit more intriguing to me. (IGN)

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a dirty little secret. She just vajazzled her vajayjay with Swarovski crystals! (The Toronto Star) I think Steve has something to look for on the internet right now.

Wanna boost your popularity rating? Just get Conan O’Brien to follow you on Twitter! Too bad he only selected one person. (Entertainment Weekly)

Earlier this week there was a lot of buzz surrounding Roger Ebert debuting his new voice on Oprah. A high-tech program created by a company in Scotland used Ebert’s DVD commentaries to create a synthetic version of his voice. For those who haven’t seen the video, go take a look. (Oprah)

There’s a reason why we gave Deadspin ‘The Lowdown Freedom of Speech Award’. A recent article from Deadspin’s Will Leitch talks about his encounters with movie critic extraordinaire Roger Ebert. Trust me, it’s a really good read. (Deadspin)

People might not agree with Roger’s views on certain movies, but he is an excellent writer. Not only does he reviews movies, he throws in a bit of everyday life into his work. For example, in his latest review of The Good Guy, he pretty gives the guys some helpful love advice. (Roger Ebert)

Perhaps it’ll be worth forking out a few extra bucks to catch Tron Legacy in IMAX. (Slashfilm)

Ok, turns out that web release of the Tron Legacy trailer will be delayed since the director wants us to see it in all its glory in 3D in front of Alice in Wonderland. (First Showing) In the meantime, there are some pics for people to check out.

A Tron related animated series would be enough to convince me to start watching Saturday morning cartoons again. (Slashfilm)

Taking a look at the 5 worst Oscar winners. (Gunaxin)

Last week featured a nice infographic on the Oscars. This week there’s more! For those who are interested in adding more useless trivia into their heads, check it out! (Slashfilm)

It appears that The Hurt Locker is the front-runner to take the big awards at the Oscars this weekend, but is it possible that the movie is losing a bit of steam? (LA Times)

We’ll find out if Avatar will be able to take home the big prize on Sunday, but in the meantime, check out James Cameron’s talk at TED that was recorded in February. (TED) Oh you’ll also learn the real motive to why he made his Oscar winning film Titanic.

Prepare for more ‘Magnum’ looks from Zoolander. Ben Stiller confirms that a sequel is in the works. As long as they can live up to the hilarious gasoline fight sequence in the first film, I’m up for it! (MTV)

One of the highly anticipated films of the year just got more positive buzz. Kevin Smith digs Scoot Pilgrim vs. the World!!! (The Film Stage) My excitement for this film has shot up by another 10%.

With Michael Ausiello’s blessing, Neil Patrick Harris has taken the lead role in the upcoming Smurfs movie! (Collider)

However, just when things were starting to look up, George Lopez was also cast in Smurfs. (JoBlo) Please don’t let that man crack any jokes in the movie.

To knock some sense into Heroes fans out there, FOX’s Kevin Reilly talks about how DVD and foreign sales will not save your ‘on the bubble’ show. (The TV Addict)

Meanwhile at THR: Live Feed, James Hibberd talks to the network execs about the current and upcoming TV season.
FOX appears to be sticking to its guns.
CBS loves crime procedurals and Alex O’Loughlin. Oh and Nina Tassler puts out a possible title for Shit My Dad Says.
ABC is… well I don’t know. Steve McPherson spent the entire interview circling around the questions.
NBC is mum about the current bubble shows, but is keen on picking up the JJ Abrams pilot. I say it’s a nice companion piece to Chuck! (It was just announced yesterday that Community got renewed! A step in the right direction.)
CW is starting to move away from that coveted female demographic. Dawn Ostroff also indirectly admits that the network is beyond saving.

In celebration of Zachary Levi’s directorial debut, here’s a random interview featuring Zachary and Joshua Gomez. (Collider) There’s also a brief featurette showing him behind the scenes on the director’s chair. (NBC)

Tim Burton films always manage to find a way to creep me out. The story might be fine, but the excessive colours and fantastical creatures always end up giving me the heebies jeebies. Perhaps there’s a method to his madness! Well turns out he’s just recycling the same things over and over again. Check out the behind the scenes of a Tim Burton movie. (College Humor)

Former and current SNL cast members reprise their old Commander-in-Chief impersonations to convince Fred Armisen’s Barack Obama to push through financial reforms in this hilarious video. Seriously how did they get all of them to take part in this? Quite impressive.

I can’t end this without the general Youtube video, so here’s one of the better HISHE videos. This time featuring Star Trek.


Ever thought what would happen if Mean Girls was made into an animated film by Disney? Well take a first look here. There’s some good editing work here.


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