Entertainment Link-Off: The Hunt Continues

The highly anticipated action/horror film Predators is finally out this weekend! Since the film only has one female star, let’s put some additional attention on her. Kicking off this week’s ELO is Alice Braga!

After the jump, more Predators related links, some awesome Tron Legacy tribute videos, Christopher Nolan wants to reboot Bond, a love song for cancelled TV shows and a special version of Twilight just for guys.

In celebration of the release of Predators, let’s take a look at the top 5 gadgets that the Predators carry with them for the hunt. (TFTS)

Over at Cinemablend, it appears there are two polarizing ends in terms of deciding whether the new Predator film is a worthy sequel to the original. I suppose not having the iconic line “GET TO THE CHOPPA!” hurts the current movie’s prospects huh? Warning: might be spoiler heavy. (Cinemablend 1) (Cinemablend 2)

Adrian Brody – Action Star… Never thought of using that to describe him huh? Well the new Predators flick will make you think otherwise. (LA Times)

Danny Trejo is currently in the film Predators, but he will be at a big screen near you again in September with the release of Machete. (IGN)

December can not come soon enough. While there aren’t any new clips from Tron Legacy, there are some awesome homages/fanvids that popped up lately that are worth a look. (Slashfilm) There’s also a nice but short clip of a disc battle. (Slashfilm)

The San Diego Comic-Con is fast approaching and we’re all looking forward to the panels and the release of new material for upcoming projects. Many fans were hoping for Daft Punk to put up a performance at Comic-Con for the Tron Legacy presentation, but sadly, it looks like it won’t happen. (Slashfilm)

Who knew that The Hobbit would be sitting in development hell for so long? Anyway, Ian McKellan talks about the film and suggests that if it doesn’t get made soon, he might not be returning as Gandalf. Uh oh! (The One Ring)

Here’s your LOL moment of the day. The Facebook movie “The Social Network” won’t be able to promote itself on Facebook. (All Things Digital)

Forget about the latest batch of Bond films with Daniel Craig. Let Christopher Nolan reboot the franchise, he’ll make the films kick-ass. (BBC)

Inception doesn’t come out til next week, but this article is too good to pass up. Now I’ve always enjoyed the works of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It all started from the good ol’ days on 3rd Rock from the Sun. He’s been in a string of many awesome films including one of my recent favourites 500 Days of Summer. This is a bit of a lengthy read, but it’s a good one. (Details)

Avatar returns to the big screen because being the highest grossing film of all time isn’t enough already. (AICN)

Yup, if Titanic didn’t make him rich already, now James Cameron is filthy rich from Avatar. (Deadline)

Movie studio turmoil could lead to the doom of the film Let Me In. (Miami Herald) Great… another victory for the sparkly sissy vampires of Twilight.

In celebration of the release of Despicable Me, let’s take a look at all the lovable villains out there in the world of film. (Moviefone)

Chris Evans talks about the costume for Captain America. Apparently the shield is quite heavy, so perhaps throwing it is not such a good idea… (Empire)

Big mistake, looks like Marvel doesn’t want Edward Norton to come back to play the Hulk in the Avengers movie. (Cinematical)

For those interested in X-Men: The First Class, here’s a quick rundown of the characters and actors that are slated to appear so far. (Hit Fix)

Looks like Kevin Bacon may also end up in the new X-Men film as the villain. I think he’ll make a good Mister Sinister. Thoughts? (Deadline)

I missed the live announcement of the Emmy nominations. I kinda wish I didn’t though. Modern Family star Ty Burrell puts it best “In classic Phil Dunphy fashion, I was fast asleep when the nominations were announced and am deeply saddened to have missed Sofia’s pronunciation of Mariska Hargitay.” Anyway, half-progress for the Emmys this year. We finally see some recognition for the awesome work of Friday Night Lights (congrats to Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler) and there was plenty of love for Modern Family. However, shows like Chuck and Community were ignored and somehow Ed O’Neill didn’t get nominated. Then things get ugly. Why is Tony Shaloub nominated again? Jon Cryer? Seriously? Baby steps for the voters I guess. Baby steps. (Emmys)

Well since I did mention Modern Family, here’s a nice short interview with Eric Stonestreet who plays Cameron on Modern Family. (Entertainment Weekly)

It’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the Comic Con! Ok, so it was expected that they would make a big splash at the event, but now the cast and director are making T-shirts for fans! Alright, let’s all head over to San Diego! (Collider)

There are so many shows out there that were canned way before its natural end. So here’s a love song for cancelled TV shows. (College Humor) While you’re at it on the website, take a look at Obama’s BBQ. That’s another video worth checking out.

There are a lot of expectations surrounding the Arrested Development movie and even Michael Cera is feeling the pressure. While I would like to see a film be made, sometimes I think AD should be left as it is. (Entertainment Weekly)

It might be a while before that highly anticipated Arrested Development movie gets made… well if it does go into production at all. In the meantime, imagine Arrested Development as an action movie. I think it just might work.


In anticipation of the upcoming release of Inception, here’s a few clips to wet your appetites for now.


I’m sure many of you have seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory many times as a kid. Well turns out there is an explosive alternate ending that surfaced recently and it’s worth a look.


We all know that Twilight tends to target the female audience. Well if they want to boost those box office bucks, perhaps get the guys interested as well. Here’s a look at a version of Twilight that’s made for guys. Warning, this may not be safe for work.


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