Entertainment Link-Off: Music To My Earholes

In theatres this weekend, you can either catch Nicholas Cage in Season of the Witch (currently standing at 1% fresh) or perhaps check out Country Strong which isn’t doing much better at 15% Tomatometer. On the bright side, you do get to see Leighton Meester in the movie working her vocal pipes!

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Entertainment Link-Off: Happy 2011!

The new year is here! Here’s the first Entertainment Link-Off of 2011. Kicking things off is Beau Garrett. You can catch her as Gem in Tron Legacy, though you may have some trouble recognizing her in the film. Speaking of Tron Legacy, looks like the film is still doing decent business at the box office.

After the jump, Patton Oswalt thinks geek culture is dead, sci-fi movies defies physics, Tron rules Twitter, 3D overload and Freddie Wong is at it again with another awesome short. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s Christmas Day!!! To all the Lowdown readers, I hope you’re enjoying the holidays! Despite having an ELO on Christmas Day, there aren’t too many Christmas related links. This will be the last Entertainment Link-Off before the new year, so I’ll see you again in 2011. Now kicking off this entry is Jessica Alba. Forget about the fact that she’s in that movie Little Fockers, go watch her in The Lonely Island’s latest music video instead.

After the jump, Community goes Avengers, some Tron related news, Edgar Wright picks out the 10 most underrated films of the year and a somewhat revamped version of the Star Wars Christmas Special. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: The Game Has Changed

TRONNNNNNN!!!! Yes, this weekend marks the release of the highly anticipated sequel Tron Legacy. So the Tomatometer is a bit rotten at the moment, but the stunning visuals (and eye candy) should be enough to convince us all to see it on the big screen! Since this is the big movie opening this weekend, it would also be appropriate to kick off the ELO with Olivia Wilde.

After the jump some Tron related links, movie trailer dump, Ken Jennings takes on a computer, a Super Mario Bros. mashup with Grand Theft Auto, an awesome alternate ending to Yogi Bear and go banana! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Robot Rumble

Tonight is the 2010 Video Game Awards on Spike. If you need a fresh reminder on the nominees, take a look at our predictions here. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to watch it when Neil Patrick Harris is hosting this? Anyway, kicking off this link-off is Kristen Bell. Yes she’s in the latest box office flop Burlesque, but on an unrelated note, she is nominated for her voice work in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood at the Video Game Awards tonight.

After the jump Guillermo Del Toro wants you to see Scott Pilgrim, Michael Bay sorta apologizes for Revenge of the Fallen, more Transformers tidbits, new Thor trailer and poster and catch Inception in real time! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Get Tangled Up

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in the United States, so Happy Thanksgiving to those who are south of the border. At this time of the year, there are plenty of films hitting the screens trying to make money from the long weekend. There’s the revenge action flick Faster starring Dwayne Johnson. Then Christina Aguilera and Cher collaborate in Burlesque. Disney is offering its own family fare Tangled starring Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore. I was going to kick off the ELO with something related to this movie, but then I came across Olivia Wilde’s latest photoshoot with Details. Might as well go with that since Tron Legacy will be hitting the screens very soon.

After the jump, Stephen King makes his top 10 flicks of the year already, Christopher Nolan explains Inception without really explaining it, David Letterman likes to hit on Natalie Portman and let’s all become asses! I mean Agents of Secret Stuff! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: The Night Before Halloween

It’s near the end of October, so that means Halloween is here! While the usual horror fare hits the theatres this weekend, perhaps it’s a better alternative to just go party it up Halloween style or just simply go trick or treating. Kicking off this entry is Taylor Cole. You might remember her from the now defunct WB series Summerland. Anyway she’s currently in NBC’s The Event. The serialized drama is on a ratings freefall, but this is a good enough reason to keep the show on the air no?

After the jump more pumpkin ideas, behind the scenes on Scott Pilgrim, Disney thinks the old Tron movie is an embarrassment, the Fine Brothers spoil horror movies for you and see the Light Runner in action! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: (Not) Full Frontal

Jump starting the latest edition of the Entertainment Link-Off is Dianna Agron from the latest GQ photoshoot. I suppose this fits with the Wednesday Link-Off when Steve featured Agron’s castmate Lea Michele.  After seeing these ‘provocative’ pictures, would you be tuning into the FOX musical comedy on Tuesday nights now?

After the jump, Zack Galifianakis got Galifianakis’ed, sneak peek at Kick Ass 2, Tron Legacy posters galore, Jessica Alba’s fake nude scene, more on the GQ Glee photoshoot that caused an uproar, great movie censoring moments on TV and a new music recommendation of the week. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Let’s Be Facebook Friends!

It’s that time of the week for another installment of the Entertainment Link-Off. Two highly anticipated movies are released this weekend at the theatres, so it would be a good opportunity for a quasi-movie marathon don’t you think? First up is the vampire flick Let Me In. Then there’s also the unofficial Facebook movie The Social Network starring Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The movie also features Rooney Mara playing Zuckerberg’s ex-girlfriend during his days at Harvard.

While we’re on the topic of Facebook. Don’t forget to like us on our Lowdown Facebook page!

After the jump, an awesome music recommendation, a few articles on The Social Network, Tron Legacy reshoots aren’t exactly a bad thing, alien-related movies galore and there’s a Scott Pilgrim related connection at Wong Fu Productions. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Looks Do Kill

The fall TV season has just begun as the CW kicked off its schedule earlier this week with the launch of the new shows Hellcats and Nikita. The former is more of a bland Bring It On knock-off and the latter is a rehash of the 1990 French film and the 1997 TV series. That being said, Nikita was surprisingly entertaining. It might not have brought anything new to the table, but the action sequences are superb and the storyline isn’t bad at all. I suppose it also helps that it stars the amazingly hot Maggie Q.

After the jump Bruce Campbell wants to make an all-star horror movie, a look at ‘jumping the shark’, NBC has given up on Chuck, At the Movies return, someone takes a watermelon to the face, a hot new Tron Legacy banner, Chris Klein’s ridiculously bad acting, having a mistress is a bad idea and Joseph Gordon-Levitt feels like having a bad romance. Continue reading