Wednesday Link-Off: A Voice from the Past

olivia-wilde-oscars16-03Joining yours and mine. Adding up the layers of harmony. And so it goes, on and on… Final Fantasy fans know how that one finishes. I’ve had a long day writing before writing this post and could really use Square Enix hustling the FF9 PC release out the door. It would be nice to unwind with a game that I absolutely love. It’s like they’re Blizzard with the Soon™ release date.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick off with Olivia Wilde.

You can call them Generation Y’ers. You can call them Millennials. But you can definitely call them worse off than the generations the preceded them. (The Guardian)

The Washington Post is backing Hilary Clinton. Well, it appears that way after they ran 16 stories that are perceived to be negative towards Bernie Sanders. (

The German Vice-Chancellor said that Donald Trump is a “threat to peace and prosperity.” When one of the leaders of the free world says that, people may just listen. (International Business Times)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Media of Failure

olivia-wilde-shape15-01It’s not just the politics of failure that have failed. It’s the news media of failure that has failed as well. Try as everyone might to make it work again, they have a long way to go to get there. If only they could fail at being failures but it seems as though politicians and the news media can only get failure right.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. To change things up, let’s kick this off with Olivia Wilde.

There’s always more on the Brian Williams situation but he was just the biggest face of the ongoing self-destruction of NBC News under Comcast’s ownership. (Vanity Fair)

A report on Rolling Stone’s University of Virginia rape story had shown a systematic failure of their reporting and editorial processes. (NPR)

Inside the strange money-making world of Twitter parody accounts. I can’t believe that’s a thing. (Vice)

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Sunday Link-Off: Going, Going, Jian

rashida-jones-kate-hudson-olivia-wilde-courageawards14-01One week later and the Jian Ghomeshi scandal hasn’t really died down. In fast, if you’re Jian, it’s getting worse because your statement said it was one jilted ex-girlfriend but it’s now accusations from 10 different women. Maybe the CBC made the right call on this one. Considering how badly they botched the NHL deal, they were due to get something right.

Anyway, it’s time for the Sunday set of links. For something a little special, here are Rashida Jones, Kate Hudson and Olivia Wilde.

In the last few days, four more women have come forward with allegations about sexual violence and/or harassment by Jian Ghomeshi. One of them, an actress on Trailer Park Boys, has put her name to the accusation. (Toronto Star)

CBC Radio had an interview with a women about Ghomeshi on their flagship evening show, As It Happens. She detailed her time with Ghomeshi and, as we’ve come to expect, it’s not pretty. (The Globe and Mail)

Lawyer Reva Seth took to the internet to tell her story of Jian Ghomeshi. (Huffington Post)

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Sunday Link-Off: Playing Favourites

olivia-wilde-marieclaire13-05It’s the end of a long week of writing. From Monday to Friday, we posted over 9,000 words. Doing a thorough week of blogging is a bit tiring so I’ll apologize in advance if next week is a bit quieter. However, we have the F1 race recap (assuming that it didn’t get rained out overnight while I was asleep) and a new gaming column coming up this week. I’m hoping to get a review for The Showdown Effect done this week too.

Right, you’re not here to hear me ramble on about blog stuff. Since Jackie didn’t feature her yesterday, here’s Olivia Wilde.

What is the Republicans’ game with the sequester? They’re actually looking to cut any specific thing. They just want cuts, wherever they may come from. (Think Progress)

Watch out, celebrity tweeters. The Federal Trade Commission is thinking about cracking down on paid ads that you post on Twitter. (Wall Street Journal)

Cardinal Bergoglio came from absolutely nowhere to become Pope Francis. After Cardinal Ratzinger won the Papacy as the favourite the last time out, you’d be forgiven if you thought that the favourite winning was the norm. However, it’s really the exception and long shots winning are the norm. (FiveThirtyEight)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Back To Business

So Comic Con is over. The NFL lockout is over. CM Punk’s absence from the WWE seems to be over. And Olivia Wilde is starring in a movie that doesn’t look that good. It looks like everything is back to normal.

The NFL lockout is over. I guess we have the NBA which is locked out with their cocks out. (Literally in the case of Ron Artest.) Anyway, CBS casts the inevitable NFL lockout movie. (CBS Sports)

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox is going to be making an ESPN movie. They’ve purchased the movie rights to the ESPN book. (Deadline)

Sources say that there is a non-salary cap and non-temporary insanity reason for Philly trading Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. Apparently, they partied too hard. Multi-millionaires in their 20s partying? Well, I’d never! (Philadelphia Daily News)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Get Tangled Up

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in the United States, so Happy Thanksgiving to those who are south of the border. At this time of the year, there are plenty of films hitting the screens trying to make money from the long weekend. There’s the revenge action flick Faster starring Dwayne Johnson. Then Christina Aguilera and Cher collaborate in Burlesque. Disney is offering its own family fare Tangled starring Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore. I was going to kick off the ELO with something related to this movie, but then I came across Olivia Wilde’s latest photoshoot with Details. Might as well go with that since Tron Legacy will be hitting the screens very soon.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Shop Til You Drop

It’s a slow week here since everyone is off on holidays. Today is Boxing Day, which means everyone is lined up at the malls looking for a deal. In fact, I’m heading out to grab something, so I’ll keep this one brief. For those that do not plan on heading out to the crowded shopping malls, here’s something for you to read! Kicking this off is Olivia Wilde. I swear these photoshoots are reminding me to go check out shows that I generally miss over the year. Alright, I’m off to grab some House DVDs! Yes I choose to watch Chuck live, so House tends to be on the back burner.

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Sunday Link-Off: Fight It Out

olivia-wilde-marieclaire-05Here’s Olivia Wilde. You can understand why Megan Fox would strangle a mountain ox to be with her.

Christiano Ronaldo is now a fan favourite of Man United fans. They got all that money for him and now he’s down with an injury… Caused by a sorcerer… Hired by Paris Hilton… You just can’t make this shit up. (The Spoiler)

Have we mentioned that the CBC has ripped off “Dancing with the Stars”? It’s called “Skating with the Stars” “Battle of the Blades” where retired hockey goons jump and twirl while beating the shit out of each other or something. (Deadspin)

Brock Lesnar isn’t what we thought he was. I think his next opponent will find out that taking a shot from a steel chair would be preferable to what will happen in the octagon. (Yahoo Sports)

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Wednesday Link-Off: WOW!

olivia-wilde-gq09-2Speaking of things that make you go “WOW,” here’s Olivia Wilde.

Bill Simmons is on my daily “Must Listen” list. Sadly, while listening to the Subway Fresh Take Hotline, I’ll miss his Miller Lite Great Call of the Week. (Slate) By the way, we have a radio show (slash podcast) that is offering cheap advertising opportunities though I can’t technically sell ad time. I can sell ad time and naming rights to Lowdown Extra, though.

Folks that know me know that I’m a huge Michigan Wolverines fan. If the big win over Notre Dame wasn’t big enough, it was even sweeter when I found out what Tate Forcier’s big concern was before the game. (Sports Illustrated)

If he didn’t win his first professional game, this article about Jets QB Mark Sanchez would have made him the laughing stock of the NFL. (NY Daily News)

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Saturday Link-Off: Life’s A Party

olivia-wilde-maxim-3Jackie has taken today off so I have to fill in. His Entertainment Link-Off has been rescheduled for tomorrow. To make up for it, here’s Olivia Wilde in her recent Maxim shoot.

Everybody’s favourite head of state, Silvio Berlusconi, is back in the news again. This time it’s over allegations that he hired prostitutes for parties he throws. (BBC)

Fortunately I never ended up like any of these but here are ten signs that you drank too much. (Banned In Hollywood)

Egypt didn’t go far in the FIFA Confederations Cup. One theory being floated about is that Allah punished the team for being unclean. (IOL)

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