Entertainment Link-Off: An Epic of Epic Epicness

G’day everyone! It’s time for another edition of the ELO and this week, let’s kick it off with the newly single Cheryl Cole. Might as well introduce all the folks in North America to her now. If Simon Cowell gets his way, she’ll be in front of your TV screens very soon.

After the jump, Agent John Casey gets the Chuck Norris treatment, a small rivalry going on between Kick Ass and Clash of the Titans, the new Scott Pilgrim one-sheet, some Glee news, a TV theme songs medley and Hugh Jackman sings in Chinese!

Chuck’s ratings took a nosedive all thanks to DST, so hopefully it’ll be able to rebound next week. Anyway, the latest episode focused heavily on John Casey. Our favourite gun-totin’ cigar smokin’ NSA agent gets the Chuck Norris treatment as a series of ‘facts’ were released about him earlier this week. (NBC)

Prepare for more Jeffster in the Chuck season finale. (Entertainment Weekly)

The Bounty Hunter, starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler is the latest rom com to hit the multiplex. However, even based on the trailer, the film looks horrid! I suppose this would significantly improve the prospects of the movie. Replace Gerard Butler with a certain bounty hunter from a galaxy far far away. (The Daily What)

Transforming everyone and everything into Na’Vi. (Avatizer @ Flickr)

Because we all know that Avatar has this huge ‘save the environment’ message tagged to it, I suppose it is appropriate to release the DVD on Earth Day. Screw tree hugging everyone, let’s all go watch Avatar instead! (Collider)

Tron Legacy set preview!!! (JoBlo)

Kick-Ass has yet to hit theatres but an explosion of Kick-Ass 2 details has hit the net all thanks to SXSW festival. Seriously, check out all the links for the full scoop. (Film School Rejects) (Cinematical) (io9) (CHUD)

It’s clash of the blockbusters! Since Clash of the Titans will be facing off against Kick-Ass at the box office, the marketing folks has decided to use sneaky advertising to mooch off the hype from Kick-Ass. (Slashfilm)

It also appears that the 3D conversion for Clash of the Titans doesn’t quite kick ass. (Slashfilm)

Another Best Actress winner suffered the collapse of  her relationship with her current partner after taking home the golden statue. The latest victim? Sandra Bullock. Could this be the ‘Curse of the Best Actress winners’ at the Oscars. (LA Times)

15 hottest ‘nerd conquests’ (Maxim) If only this happens in real life… if only… *sigh.

Expect ‘an epic of epic epicness’ from the latest Scott Pilgrim vs. the World poster. Don’t you just love that tagline? I think it’s awesome! The one-sheet is quite amazing. I’m really hoping that the feature film will live up to all the hype. (Latino Review)

Glee isn’t returning until April 13th, but that doesn’t stop the scoop from popping up. First off, Ryan Murphy is working really hard to land some guest stars for season 2… and that includes Justin Timberlake. (E! Online)

It seems like everywhere I go, I seem to hear is music from Lady Gaga. Seriously, it’s impossible to escape that stuff. Now her music will show up on Glee. (E! Online) Also in the article, a tidbit on Puckleberry and a few Sue Sylvester lines that didn’t quite make it on air.

As if there isn’t enough Glee hype already, FOX is in negotiations to launch a stage adaptation of the show. Isn’t that a bit too much Glee? Perhaps, but it might not be a bad thing according to The TV Addict. Unless you’re Jeff Winger, then you’ll never get the appeal of the show. (The TV Addict)

Dollhouse may have ended, but Enver Gjokaj has another project lined up. Following the footsteps of Joss Whedon, Gjokaj has a webseries of his own. The made-up soap opera “Point Dume” is like Twin Peaks meets Clue plus a lot of silly humour. It’s premiering on Monday on Funny or Die, so it might be worth checking out. (i09)

The more things change, the more the stay the same. That certainly applies to NBC as The Apprentice will be dumping the celebrities and going back to its roots! (Washington Post)

O’Brien to FOX? Please make it happen! (LA Times)

You know the British education system is doing really well when 1 in 10 kids think that Buzz Lightyear is the first man to land on the moon. You’d be amazed with the other list of names that the kids thought beat Neil Armstrong to that cratered thing that rotates around the earth. (Telegraph)

No Ivan Reitman for Ghostbusters 3? That ain’t right! (NY Mag)

This is a long article, but it’s a good read. Bryan Singer talks about his return to the X-Men universe. (LA Times)

Want more Hulk courtesy of Edward Norton? Looks like he’s up for more action and is turning the table to you. Well fans, time to speak up! (Latino Review)

Last week, there was a brief 2 minute behind the scenes look at the upcoming Predators film. This week, the trailer finally hits the net. Check it out. I’m sure if you pause at certain moments or just take screenshots and go frame by frame, you’ll figure out who’ll survive the predator hunt.  (IGN)

Ok, so St. Patrick’s Day was on Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to check out this hilarious spoof of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Well this time… it’s more like The Nightmare Before St. Patrick’s Day. (College Humor)

The Office just got quite interesting. There’s a remix of the theme song floating around featuring Lil Wayne. (Entertainment Weekly)

It’s time for another hilarious edition of Between Two Ferns, this time featuring Ben Stifler… I mean Ben Stiller.

TV theme songs are becoming a dying breed. Many shows lately just skip right to the title card without the oh so awesome music introduction. Anyway, let’s take a look at a wonderful medley of TV theme show songs! Ok, so he didn’t cover all the shows out there (past and present), but this is still a job well done!


I wasn’t joking when I said this earlier. Hugh Jackman actually sang in Chinese on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.



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