Meet Women Thanks To Words With Friends (Infographic)

I always thought that Words With Friends was just a Scrabble knock-off whose fame was limited to a people on Facebook and as the reason that Alec Baldwin got thrown off an airplane. That’s what I get for owning a BlackBerry. It turns out that it’s more powerful than I could possibly imagined. A survey by the makers of Words With Friends says that one in ten players say that the game has led directly to a hookup.

For that and other stats related to relationships and Words With Friends, we have a handy infographic after the jump. Continue reading


What Your Valentine’s Day Gift Says About Your Relationship (Infographic)

Today’s the big day. Well, it’s really just the big day for chocolate makers, jewellery stores, florists and restaurants who will steal your money so you don’t screw up your relationship because of a holiday they created. Anyway, most guys think that a nice meal, some chocolate and a dozen roses covers things. However, the gift you buy is actually a reflection of what state your relationship is at. If you’re still not sure what your gift says about your relationship, we have an infographic (written by a website trying to sell you gifts for your significant other, mind you) to help you sort it out. Continue reading

Not News of the Week

It’s time for the weirdest and wackiest stories from around the world. It’s the Not News of the Week.

We hear all about celebrities claiming they don’t want their sex tapes to be released but a recent survey of women would indicate that those celebrities are lying. A survey of women on the dating website Can Do Better indicates that 64% of women would make and release a sex tape if they thought it would advance their career. Interestingly, men are less inclined to make sex tapes to get ahead with 42% of men willing to release a tape. The survey also said 45% of women would sleep with their college professor to pass a course and 36% would blackmail a coworker or boss to get ahead. I know it’s a dog eat dog world but there might be more catfights than we previously thought. Continue reading

Lowdown Radio Classic: February 3, 2009

It’s an all-time great episode of The Lowdown radio show for today’s classic episode post. And after we weren’t on air last Tuesday, we need to pull out an all-timer to make up for the “pre-emption.” This vintage episode was the second annual Valentine’s special. The show starts with Steve and Jackie hitting Richmond Row to try out pickup lines. That doesn’t end well for them. Especially Steve. Then they try a musical feature called “Love Songs That Aren’t Really Love Songs But Kinda Are.” The news deals all with sex. Jackie and Steve previewed two bad songs during the entertainment segment. After the break, Steve recaps Winter Homecoming at UWO which was really just a trumped up way for the USC to promote the Jack Frost Cup hockey game and make money off it. The show wraps up with Jackie giving a cooking lesson and Steve trying to hijack it with his own cooking tips. It’s one of the top five best episodes in Lowdown history and just time to help you out for Valentine’s Day.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Stealing Attention

When was the last time we heard anything from Michelle Trachtenberg? This does nicely, though.

The Ottawa Senators held a charity event this week. Nobody cared about the hockey players, though. (CBC)

China renamed a mountain after Avatar to take credit for some of the artwork. (BBC) So this means that there’s a mountain in the Himalayas that should be named “Uncharted 2.” Awesome game by the way. As a system-exclusive game, it blows 360’s Halo out of the water.

Screech has fallen hard since Saved By The Bell. First there was the sex tape. Then an appearance on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling. Now it’s the obligatory tell-all book. Some of his claims border on the utterly ridiculous but they’re attention grabbing. (11 Points)

After the jump, celebrity love gone wrong, fighting on TV, and Katy gets catty. Continue reading

Lowdown Radio Classic: February 5, 2008

With Jackie out of the HQ for the foreseeable future while in Australia. He also won’t be on the show for the next couple months. It’s actually not an unprecedented event to see Steve without his partner in crime. So to give you a taste what we’re all in for, here’s the last time Steve went solo. On this vintage episode, Steve has to fend for himself without Jackie. But the show starts with Jackie interviewing world renowned relationship expert Dr. Guy Grenier. Following that, Steve helps guys try to pick up women with a good car by visiting the Car Wall. Then Steve previews the UWO USC Presidential election that was eventually won by the evil Stephen Lecce. After the break, it’s entertainment complete with the single of the week. Sports and entertainment are briefly hybrided with a rundown of the Super Bowl 42 commercials. Next are some quick Valentine’s tips… That aren’t exactly great as is typical for The Lowdown. The show wraps up with the return of Oddsmakers. Classic Lowdown greatness that is often imitated but never, ever duplicated.

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