Worst of Music: Glee – Rolling in the Deep

Last week in the Lowdown Blog Man Lab, I dissected British singing sensation Adele. I mentioned that I wasn’t a fan but that didn’t mean I wished harm upon her. Unfortunately, last week on Glee, harm is what found her as the Glee cast got a hold of her #1 song Rolling in the Deep. The result is enough for us to call for the cancellation of Glee. Continue reading

Man Lab: Adele 101

Not to make it seem like the Man Lab is a glorified music review service but our theory is that it never hurts to know about the music that women seem to love. Our last Man Lab music primer was about Arcade Fire. This time, we take a look at British singer Adele. I heard about Adele only a couple of weeks ago from listening to women talk about how much they like her music. Knowing how much common interests help you make an impression with a woman, here’s what you need to know about Adele. Continue reading