Entertainment Link-Off: Closer Than You Think

After several weeks of rotten films hitting the screen at the theatres, it’s rather refreshing to see three fresh films debuting at the box office this weekend. Topping the critically applauded films is The Muppers starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams. I figured it would be appropriate to start off with the leading actress from the film no?

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Entertainment Link-Off: Let’s Do the Time Warp

This weekend marks the release of a movie that features two totally unrelated things into one single concept. Yes, I am talking about Hot Tub Time Machine. It might be one of the most ridiculous movie titles out there, but it gets the point across. Lyndsy Fonseca (right) appears in this raunchy comedy. Keep an eye out for her since she’ll be showing up in front of the silver screen again when Kick Ass hits theatres April 16th!

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Entertainment Link-Off: Do You Believe In Magic?

zooey deschanelForget about the little boy wizard known as Harry Potter. Since the screaming fangirls will be crowding the theatres to see that, let’s take a look at an alternative option. This weekend also marks the release of the quirky comedy 500 Days of Summer starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel (pictured). Seriously, if you already read the Harry Potter books, you’ll know how it ends. Go watch something fresh instead and check out the amazing chemistry between Zooey and her talented co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Since this is a FOX Searchlight release, expect the platform rollout which means the film will hit the larger cities first before spreading to other areas. Here is the release schedule so that you can check if it’s going to be playing in a theatre near you this weekend. (500days.com)

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