Comic-Con 2010: Sunday Roundup

It’s the final day of Comic-Con and there is no big event for the day. However it was a good day for TV shows. Fan favourites like Smallville and Supernatural makes another appearance. Meanwhile Glee is back at Comic-Con to please all the Gleeks out there (though I still don’t know what it’s doing at Comic-Con). Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Another One Bites the Dust

jamie chung 1This weekend at the box office is the battle of the eye candy (and maybe slasher flicks). First we have Kate Beckinsale starring in the Antarctic murder mystery Whiteout. Next up there’s Sorority Row, the remake of the 1983 horror movie The House on Sorority Row. Expect to see plenty of attractive ladies get chased and hacked by a hooded killer. Jamie Chung is part of the cast for this movie, but since she’s not the “leading girl”, I bet her character won’t make it out of this one.

Before I kick this off I would like to mention that DirecTV has announced the fourth season to Friday Night Lights will premiere on October 28th! Mark your calendars! Of course, if you’re still waiting for NBC to air it, don’t expect to get your weekly FNL fix until summer 2010.

After the jump Vampire Diaries doesn’t suck, TV is good for you and we learn about the evolution of the peace sign. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2009: Sunday Roundup

Sundays are usually a lot quieter than the previous days at Comic-Con. With most of the stuff out of the way, it’s time to focus on two CW shows Smallville and Supernatural. Wait… they both came from the WB back then… CW doesn’t deserve the credit. One show is long past its due date while the other is approaching its end (if the creator gets his way). Check out what happened at the panels after the jump. Continue reading