Entertainment Link-Off: (Not) Full Frontal

Jump starting the latest edition of the Entertainment Link-Off is Dianna Agron from the latest GQ photoshoot. I suppose this fits with the Wednesday Link-Off when Steve featured Agron’s castmate Lea Michele.  After seeing these ‘provocative’ pictures, would you be tuning into the FOX musical comedy on Tuesday nights now?

After the jump, Zack Galifianakis got Galifianakis’ed, sneak peek at Kick Ass 2, Tron Legacy posters galore, Jessica Alba’s fake nude scene, more on the GQ Glee photoshoot that caused an uproar, great movie censoring moments on TV and a new music recommendation of the week. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Secret Stories of Sports Stars

Not sure to lead off with so here’s Glee star Dianna Agron.

Wayne Gretzky was never considered a tough, physical NHLer but put him in a poker game with Michael Jordan and he has bigger balls than the whole of the NHL combined. He gave MJ the business over being a cheap bastard for undertipping a waitress. (Deadspin)

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen recently joked on Twitter that he should run for mayor of Chicago. Some folks thought it was such a great idea that campaign posters have already been designed. (Tauntr)

Google’s big announcement of the week was that they are adding an “instant” (as you type) search function. However, that’s going to make a few searches unnecessarily embarrassing and will give parents a lot of things to explain to the kids. (Gawker)

After the jump, a free NFL video game, the growing legend of 20 Cent Kane and it’s still a trap. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Get Your Glee On!

dianna agron 1Alright Lowdown Blog readers, are you ready to get your Glee on? The series just aired the director’s cut of the pilot episode this past Wednesday (along with that tweetpeat thing) on FOX. If you’re not singing along to Don’t Stop Believing right now, you should be. Anyway the season premiere of the show will be airing this Wednesday at 9 pm on FOX (and Global in Canada).

Headlining this link-off post is Dianna Agron because she’s part of the awesome cast on this fantastic show!

After the jump, a bit more on Glee, NBC’s journey to epic failure (almost), K-Fed is a tub of lard, Disney buying Marvel might not be a bad thing after all and singing on X-Factor is a very ‘hard’ thing to do. Continue reading