Entertainment Link-Off: Let’s Do the Time Warp

This weekend marks the release of a movie that features two totally unrelated things into one single concept. Yes, I am talking about Hot Tub Time Machine. It might be one of the most ridiculous movie titles out there, but it gets the point across. Lyndsy Fonseca (right) appears in this raunchy comedy. Keep an eye out for her since she’ll be showing up in front of the silver screen again when Kick Ass hits theatres April 16th!

After the jump Scott Pilgrim trailer finally hits the net, 3D movies aren’t the rage, a special edition of Sue’s Corner and an interesting biopic that should be made into a feature film.

Anaheim wants Comic-Con! If they do succeed, I’ll have another excuse to visit that place instead of going there to simply watch a Ducks game. (Slashfilm)

Want to know the difference between a geek, a dork, a dweeb and a nerd? Well there is a Venn Diagram that will answer your question! According to this, I fall under the geek category. What about you? (Great White Snark)

Take a look at 70 examples of superheroes/supervillians costume-fail in movies. (io9)

The poster for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was released last week. This week, the trailer has finally hit the net. So Michael Cera’s acting range may not have expanded, but this cartoonish flick looks amazing! (Trailer Addict)

For those who are not familiar with Scott Pilgrim, CHUD provides 10 things you need to know about the comics and/or the movie. (CHUD)

Let’s kill two birds with one stone here shall we? Not only will you get a small Iron Man 2 tidbit, there’s also Olivia Munn’s latest photoshoot with Complex! Yes please! (Complex) Oh while we’re at it, let’s speculate who she could be playing in the movie!

There will be some big names attached to the upcoming Transformers film! While I’m not too confident that the script will be any good, at least the acting pedigree has shot straight up! Oh Ken Jeong is also thrown into the mix here too! Expect plenty of funny moments and certain Asian stereotypes to be reinforced… (Michael Bay)

James Cameron and Michael Bay are skeptical about the 3D conversion of films. I may not agree with Bay that often, but I like what he said about converting 2D films into 3D during post-production. (Deadline)

In other James Cameron related news, his ongoing battle with Glenn Beck just never ends! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Bad news for those looking forward to the Kevin Smith hockey film ‘Hit Somebody’. It appears he has finally got some funding for his long-in-development horror film ‘Red State’, so Hit Somebody will be delayed. (Collider)

It’s only March, but the marketing folks behind Tron Legacy are already working hard. Check out the awesome animated poster for Germany! (Collider)

Looks like Aziz Ansari will likely host the upcoming MTV Movie Awards. While New Moon will likely sweep the golden popcorns, at least Ansari will provide some good jokes for the night. Anyone catch him tweeting about his experiences watching Twilight? It’s hilarious. (LA Times)

Ever wonder what would happen if Saul Bass made the title sequences for all the movies and TV shows out there? Well now you can catch a taste of it with these stylistic openings to Tron and Lost! (Slashfilm)

At the Movies has been canned! I suppose people don’t really want to watch a show discussing about movies when they can simply click on Rotten Tomatoes and check the Tomatometer. Anyway, here’s a great article by Lisa Schwarzbaum mourning the loss of what was once a popular movie review show. (Entertainment Weekly)

Aside from Kick-Ass, Lyndsy Fonseca has been cast in the upcoming CW reboot of Nikita. I am simply amazed that the C-dub has failed to realize that rehashing old franchises don’t work (see Melrose Place and 90210). (BSC)

Confused about the plot of Hot Tub Time Machine? Or perhaps you got some burning questions about the movie? Fear not everyone, the folks at io9 has taken the time to explain everything to you. (io9)

Scrubs is done. If the ratings weren’t any indication that it’ll be cancelled, perhaps a statement from Zach Braff will do the trick. (Facebook)

Jack Bauer won’t be saving the day in 24 hours anymore. (TV by the Numbers)

Apparently NBC thinks it’s funny to turn ‘Save Our Show’ campaigns into a sitcom. It is appropriately titled Our Show. I think it’ll be funny when this show does make it onto the air and ends up sitting on the bubble when May hits. Imagine what the campaign will be called! (Spoiler TV)

Humanity just died a little bit again. I don’t know what’s worse. Having a show focusing on two parents exploiting their 8 children or having Sarah Palin talk about Alaska on TV. (NY Times)

Who said plastic surgery is a bad thing? Heidi Montag will be saving people from sharks with her 3D silicone breasts! (People)

Here’s a special edition of Sue’s Corner. This time she talks about sneaky gays. Yes, she’s looking at you Neil Patrick Harris. (Entertainment Weekly)

Watch out! James Franco has a short story and it’s been published on Esquire! (Esquire) I suppose it does pay to be famous eh?

Screw The Bounty Hunter, that movie looks horrible to begin with. Anyway, I think Gerard Butler and Sofia Vergara have great chemistry. Not convinced? Perhaps you should take a look at her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (NBC) I say we should get them to do a movie together!

This is the biopic that you didn’t know you wanted to see!  With an all-star cast of Aaron Paul, Olivia Wilde, Patton Oswalt, Mary Steenburgen, and Gary Cole, you know you’ve hit gold! We’ve always loved those popular song parodies that Weird Al did and now we get to see what goes on with the man behind the music. Why did he love polka? Is he really weird or is he just an alcoholic? Find out more by checking out the video below. I also can’t believe he hooked up with Madonna! (And yes, Olivia Wilde makes a hotter Madonna than Madonna herself).

People who loved Edgar Wright’s show Spaced will appreciate this. Fans of the show gathered at Trafalgar Square in London last weekend to re-enact the slow-mo gun fight from season 2 episode 5.


And to get everyone excited about Glee’s return on April 13th, let’s take a look at the new preview.


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