Entertainment Link-Off: Cheeky

alison-brie-howtobesingle16-01For one last time in this latest run, I’m substituting in for Jackie for this weekend’s entertainment and pop culture links. I thought calling myself a sub was appropriate since it’s NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto and we all know Jackie’s fondness for basketball.

I assume that most everyone is going to the theatre shortly. There’s plenty for you to watch this week. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s rom-com, there’s How to be Single. If you want straight comedy, you can check out Zoolander 2 (but you shouldn’t). And for everyone else, there’s Deadpool.

Anyway, enough of the preamble. We should just get straight to the links. Let’s kick things off with Alison Brie who’s starring in How to be Single.

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Fails of the Week

Every so often, we take a look at the most epic fails from the week that was in the Fails of the Week. This week, we have five pictures and videos that we think are the most epic fails of the week. And, yes, Kanye makes the cut this week. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Katy Perry – E.T.

This week’s WoM was actually a tough decision. There were a good eight songs on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 that could be legitimate Worst of Music winners this week. (Bruno Mars’s Grenade already won the WoM and the other is Cee Lo Green’s Fuck You which I like.) So I went with the song of the week that could have been the greatest but failed miserably. I’m actually a Kanye West fan but pair him with Katy Parry and you have a WoM winner with their collaboration E.T. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Glee – Gold Digger

It might seem hypocritical of me to say this because I’ve noted many times that I hate hip hop music, but I love rap. I’m not a huge Kanye fan but I like his breakout hit song Gold Digger. Like most songs, cover versions don’t come close to matching the quality of the original. However, one particular cover reaches levels of suckage so high that it deserves special mention here. It’s the Gold Digger cover performed by the cast of Glee. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Ending a Long Week

It’s been a long week. For some, it’s been a pretty good week. For others, they’re happy that its the weekend. Unless you’re the Toronto Maple Leafs or a fan of them. Either way, come Saturday night, you’re going to have to drink off some of the night’s memories.

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The Humanoids: Gonna Fly Now

This week on The Humanoids, I’m talking about people riding a recently found wave of popularity and notoriety. These folks you just wouldn’t have brought up in conversation last week. They’ve gone from being completely off the radar to being the lead topics around the water cooler this week. Some of these conversations have just been folks rolling their eyes when they hear a name. Other conversations get people riled up over some of the dumb things that they’re tied up in. Will we still be talking about them next week? I don’t know because I sure didn’t think that they would be in this week’s column when I finished up last week’s. That’s why this column is subtitled Gonna Fly Now.

By the by, The Lowdown made its triumphant return to radio this week. We returned for Season Three on 94.9FM CHRW. You can find all the action here. We’re back on September 29 at 6:30 PM with our NHL preview special. It’s going to be a half-hour of fantasy hockey and general hockey season previews. Because the show is based in London, we have to throw in some gratuitous local content which means team previews of Detroit and Toronto. Expect the number 1967 to come up quite a bit. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: WOW!

olivia-wilde-gq09-2Speaking of things that make you go “WOW,” here’s Olivia Wilde.

Bill Simmons is on my daily “Must Listen” list. Sadly, while listening to the Subway Fresh Take Hotline, I’ll miss his Miller Lite Great Call of the Week. (Slate) By the way, we have a radio show (slash podcast) that is offering cheap advertising opportunities though I can’t technically sell ad time. I can sell ad time and naming rights to Lowdown Extra, though.

Folks that know me know that I’m a huge Michigan Wolverines fan. If the big win over Notre Dame wasn’t big enough, it was even sweeter when I found out what Tate Forcier’s big concern was before the game. (Sports Illustrated)

If he didn’t win his first professional game, this article about Jets QB Mark Sanchez would have made him the laughing stock of the NFL. (NY Daily News)

After the jump, the only team that the Detroit Lions could hope to beat, Kanye West is a jackass, and the best play/call from the NFL’s Week 1. Continue reading