Sunday Link-Off: What is Freedom of Expression?

cintia-dicker-dickerswimwear15-01I learned something this week. When you’re travelling, always prepare for the worst. I saw Air Canada take my luggage off the plane and wouldn’t take I’m catching a bus to another destination an hour after we land for a three-day suit-and-tie conference as a reason to put it back on. Took two days for my luggage to make one one-hour flight and a courier trip to my destination. Two days in jeans and a sweater. At least I could get by on souvenir store underclothes. Thanks Air Canada.

Anyway, that’s why I missed the WLO this week. I’m not missing the Sunday links. Let’s start with the return of blog favourite Cintia Dicker.

Don’t mess with Kevin Donovan. The Toronto Star reporter whose investigative takedowns include Rob Ford and Jian Ghomeshi now include Global TV anchor Leslie Roberts. (Toronto Star)

Following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, freedom of expression has become a hot topic. However, even in Canada, expression is hardly free. (MacLean’s)

Telling the difference between real news and parody is hard. Just Greta Van Susteren and most of the news world who were fooled by an obviously fake North Korean news Twitter account. (Popehat)

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Sunday Link-Off: Searching High… and Low

cintia-dicker-hope13-08I was going to call this the first set of Sunday links of June but then I remembered that I did the links yesterday too. You can’t exactly accuse me of having a long-term memory. Anyway, let’s kick off today’s links with Cintia Dicker who doesn’t get enough love from us on the blog.

Just when you think that the Rob Ford crack video scandal couldn’t get more bizarre, now it turns out that he might know where the video is. (Toronto Star)

Then the press decided to check out the rumoured hiding place of the video. This scandal is nothing if not entertaining. (National Post)

Bill O’Reilly isn’t the worst person in the world despite his affiliation with Fox News. The worst person at Fox News crown is likely to be taken by boss Roger Ailes (Salon)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Medium is the Message

cintia-dicker-si13-08I know updates have been a little random lately but I hope to have things back to normal by next week. Granted, sometimes I’m not sure what normal is around these parts but I’m sure we’ll all sort it out eventually. In the meantime, here’s my favourite SI Swimsuit model Cintia Dicker.

Just to prove that I’m very fair and balanced with my dissemination of political links, here’s a not at all right-leaning article about how the Obama White House is able to control the message out of 1600 Penn. (Politico)

You thought the possibility of Ashley Judd running for the Senate was all a big laugh didn’t you? Well, the GOP is taking it seriously. They’ve already created an attack ad against her. (New York Times)

A recent Gallup poll says that only 3.5% of Americans are gay. Could that number possibly be accurate? (The Atlantic Wire)

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Man Lab Link-Off: Making You A Better Man

We’re back with another set of links from the Man Lab to help you with women and make you a better man. That’s why we kick off this post with Cintia Dicker. If ever there was a woman to convince me to make myself a better man, it would be her.

One of the most important things that a man can be is on time. Here’s a look at why you’re always late and how to make yourself more punctual. (The Art of Manliness)

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Sunday Link-Off: Hung Up And Hungover

It’s 8:00 AM on the east coast on the day after St. Patrick’s Day so I don’t expect anyone to read this until at least six hours after it was posted. Anyway, I’ve been a bit busy this week covering the entertainment beat and working on the 2012 Hottest Canadian showdown. However, I haven’t forgotten the usual Sunday posts. But first, let’s kick this one of with my favourite SI Swimsuit model Cintia Dicker.

Would you believe that the biggest casino in America is actually in Connecticut? But Foxwoods Casino might not be able to hold onto that title as the casino industry is in massive trouble. (New York Times)

Don’t like the current state of professional wrestling? Well, blame Rick Santorum. The candidate for the Presidential nomination for the Republican Party was a lobbyist who helped get the wrestling industry deregulated which started us toward modern pro wrestling. (Mother Jones)

If you thought wrestling was bad for doping, wait until you find out what’s happening in wheelchair curling. (Deadspin)

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Sunday Link-Off: Media Blitz

It was a big week for us at the blog last week. We had more people drop by this past week than in the whole month of January thanks to the SI Swimsuit Issue. So to celebrate, here’s one of my favourite SI Swimsuit models Cintia Dicker.

Craig James will indirectly feature in the new Friday Night Lights movie Jackie mentioned yesterday as it will parallel the Mike Leach story. But will the movie also feature a player’s father who creates his son’s entire career through his influence as a broadcaster like Craig James did? (Sports By Brooks)

Kate Upton has been doing the media rounds since making the SI Swimsuit cover. However, the media is treating her like she’s a blonde bimbo rather than an actual woman. (Midwest Sports Fans)

George Lucas’ daughter is a professional MMA fighter and is in a title match this weekend. Maybe she can kick everyone’s ass over Jar-Jar Binks. Actually, I’ll settle for kicking Jake Lloyd’s ass because he was worse than Jar-Jar. Yeah, I said it. Anakin was worse than Jar-Jar. (Sports Illustrated)

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SI Swimsuit 2012 Cover Odds

One of the great perks that comes with a Sports Illustrated subscription is getting the mid-winter classic known as the SI Swimsuit Issue. Last summer, models were secretly whisked off to tropical locales all over the world and photographed in complete secrecy… Well, at least when Twitter and Facebook didn’t give us sneak peaks of what to expect. Anyway, shrouded in even more secrecy is the identity of the magazine’s cover model. Being the SI Swimsuit cover model is probably the highest honour that can be bestowed on a model. It comes with instant celebrity, international recognition, a blogosphere presence for life and a blown-up copy of your cover on the Wall of Morale in the Dan Patrick Show man cave.

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Sunday Link-Off: Seeing Red

It’s the Sunday before Canadian Thanksgiving. I’d like to run some Canadian eye candy to lead off here but I couldn’t find anything recent. So I’ll go Brazilian instead with Cintia Dicker.

Since his death on Wednesday night, the tributes and memorials for Steve Jobs have poured in. However, perspective seems to have been completely lost. Steve Jobs might have created a powerhouse company but he’s not God. (Gawker)

The Occupy Wall Street protests are still ongoing but do you actually know what’s happening and what it’s about? (Esquire)

Fighting in hockey has been a hot issue for the last five months. However, not everyone is ready to banish fighters and fighting from the game. Even self-described pacifists think fisticuffs still have a place in the game. (Backhand Shelf)

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Sunday Link-Off: Late to the Party

Sorry about the delay in getting you the Sunday links. Yesterday, we taped a podcast though so maybe that’ll make up for it. In the meantime, here’s Cintia Dicker to kick off the links.

Let’s lead off with our tribute to wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage. We’ve linked it before but it’s still the greatest Macho Man photoshops on the web. (Where’s Randy Savage)

Gus Johnson has officially left CBS to get some feature airtime with Fox Sports. Can’t blame him for wanting to get closer to the top. (New York Times)

The Atlanta Thrashers are officially unofficially moving to Winnipeg to become the Necro-Jets. [That team nickname is a trademark of Steve Murray… I came up with that name.] But the NHL has a few other relocation locations in mind. (Down Goes Brown)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Tiger’s Return

Seeing as just about every woman who was ever in the continental United States was rumoured to be one of Tiger’s hoes, I’m surprised that Cintia Dicker kept her name out of the scandal.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Tiger Woods is back. His PR team didn’t do such a good job of handling the whole ho scandal but they didn’t have this handy scandal playbook. (With Leather)

And now you can not only divert scandal like Tiger but leave messages like him too with the Tiger Woods Soundboard. (Slate) Sadly, it’s no Gus Johnson Soundboard.

Need a proper exam tip for this April. The gang at LDU have you covered. (Lion’s Den U) Cheap plug: We’ve got exam tips on the next show. Hoping to finalize details to get that on LDU.

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