Entertainment Link-Off: Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition

Hide your kids. Hide your wife. I’m doing the entertainment beat this week. This St. Patty’s Day, everybody’s a bit Irish. Except the movies because we’re still two weeks away from the next Liam Neeson movie, Wrath of the Titans. We do have two Nick Offerman (AKA Ron Fucking Swanson) movies with this weekend’s releases of 21 Jump Street and Casa de mi Padre. Right, before I go too far off-track, here’s one of the stars of Casa de mi Padre, Genesis Rodriguez.

Here’s one of the biggest and strangest stories to circulate the blogosphere in recent years. Folks are speculating that the tell-all blind item commenter “Himmmm” is actually Robert Downey Jr. That might actually be the ballsiest thing any A-list star has ever done if true. (Gawker)

After the jump, Community is back, an R-rated cut of Galaxy Quest might exist, Lamar wants off reality TV and The Walking Dead does Office Space.

Did Tina Fey cost the Republicans the White House with her Palin impersonation? Some political scientists think so. (Washington Post) Those political scientists also answered the question “Which newspapers do you read?” with a response of “Any of them… All of them…”

How desperate is Simon Cowell to save international hit X-Factor in the unsuccessful US market? He’s willing to drop $10 million to hire Britney Spears as a judge. But she thought she would’ve actually been underpaid. (E! Online)

Speaking of music, did you know that Community and Mad Men star Alison Brie is in a band? How do I get tickets? (Uproxx)

Community was back from hiatus on NBC this week. To celebrate, here are 25 facts that you didn’t know about the cast of Community. (Warming Glow)

This might shock you but not all chefs write their own cookbooks. They often employ a ghostwriter to put their recipes and stories to paper. (New York Times)

Looking to be a better leader? You should learn these five leadership lessons from one of the greatest leaders of all-time: James T. Kirk. (Forbes)

Right, I did mention that Casa de mi Padre is out this week. Stars Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman grabbed a couple of drinks and had a spa day on the Today Show. (Warming Glow)

Sean Bean finally heard about the Sean Bean Death Reel. He definitely has dead characters and deaths that he really likes. (Digital Spy)

Sigorney Weaver says that there was an R-rated cut of Galaxy Quest made in addition to the PG-version of the sci-fi spoof. So when can we see it? (Slice of Sci-Fi)

If you like your sci-fi X-rated, you can read the hottest book on Kindle which is called “Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine.” (io9)

Poor Kate Upton. Her new commercial for Zoo York was banned for being too racy by MTV of all places. Now, it comes out that she’s not very popular with fellow models. (Fox News) And while I have my pulpit, why are people calling her “fat?” She’s curvy but that’s not fat. If you look at the likes of Brooklyn Decker or Marisa Miller, also SI cover girls, they have similar curves to Kate. Has anyone ever called them fat? Maybe it’s jealousy or haters being haters but there’s no logical reason to call Kate Upton fat. Can we move on with life and let her live her life.

Lamar Odom thinks his reality show with Khloe Kardashian has hurt his performance on court and he wants off TV. A Kardashian family insider says that Lamar leaving the show could cause it to end and without TV, Khloe will bail on the marriage. (With Leather)

Photo gallery time: It’s 115 reasons why we love Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer. (Pajiba)

Will Ferrell also did Jimmy Kimmel as part of his tour for Casa De Mi Padre. Naturally, they did the entire interview in Spanish.

The Walking Dead’s second season wraps up this weekend. The second half of the season has definitely gotten better. The most recent episode even had a shout out to Office Space.

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, maybe we should teach you how to properly pour a Guinness.


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