Sunday Link-Off: Hung Up And Hungover

It’s 8:00 AM on the east coast on the day after St. Patrick’s Day so I don’t expect anyone to read this until at least six hours after it was posted. Anyway, I’ve been a bit busy this week covering the entertainment beat and working on the 2012 Hottest Canadian showdown. However, I haven’t forgotten the usual Sunday posts. But first, let’s kick this one of with my favourite SI Swimsuit model Cintia Dicker.

Would you believe that the biggest casino in America is actually in Connecticut? But Foxwoods Casino might not be able to hold onto that title as the casino industry is in massive trouble. (New York Times)

Don’t like the current state of professional wrestling? Well, blame Rick Santorum. The candidate for the Presidential nomination for the Republican Party was a lobbyist who helped get the wrestling industry deregulated which started us toward modern pro wrestling. (Mother Jones)

If you thought wrestling was bad for doping, wait until you find out what’s happening in wheelchair curling. (Deadspin)

After the jump, strange sports stats no one asked for, the guy behind Kony 2012 has too much fun in public and Gus Johnson’s greatest hits.

Here’s your strange NHL stat of the day: The more sex offenders a team has living close to their arena, the better the team does in the standings. (Battle of California)

Speaking of ridiculous stats, ESPN’s Bomani Jones took Darren Rovell, who frequently answers questions that no one ever asks or even thinks of, to task for some of his moronic statistical tweets in a Twitter smackdown. (Awful Announcing)

How does the founder of Invisible Children and star of the Kony 2012 celebrate his success? Run around downtown San Diego naked under the influence of something while masturbating. (Gawker)

We’ve been building up to the return of Community for a while, but now that it’s back, let’s share some Easter Eggs from the set. (Vulture)

Are you in New York City this Tuesday? If you are, you can catch a taping of the pilot for Lewis Black’s new news comedy quiz show for BBC Radio. (The Comic’s Comic) This reminds me of an American show. What is it? Wait, wait. Don’t tell me…

How did Nike choose to mark St. Patrick’s this year? By naming a new shoe after a British paramilitary troop who fought in the Irish Independence War. (Off The Bench)

Seeing as we started the post with casinos, you should also check out this video of the growth of Las Vegas over the last 40 years. (The Atlantic Cities)

NASA put together a pretty good flash presentation of how big the universe is. The Coles Notes version: Absolutely massive. (NASA)

Despite the fact that there has been a couple of upsets so far in March Madness, the tournament is missing something. Namely, there’s a severe lack of Gus Johnson. Bonus points to this video for use of Two Steps From Hell.

When live interviews via satellite go wrong… Dick Vitale couldn’t hear the questions coming at him from Chicago’s WGN so the anchor took the opportunity to bust out his Dicky V impression.

In classic Top Gear style, the Top Gear Italia magazine put a Super 2000 rally car in a race against a downhill skier.

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