Man Lab Link-Off: Making You A Better Man

We’re back with another set of links from the Man Lab to help you with women and make you a better man. That’s why we kick off this post with Cintia Dicker. If ever there was a woman to convince me to make myself a better man, it would be her.

One of the most important things that a man can be is on time. Here’s a look at why you’re always late and how to make yourself more punctual. (The Art of Manliness)

After the jump, advice to help you pick up women, TV for men and the obligatory Kate Upton video.

Another way to make yourself a better man and make yourself look better than other man is to be polite. There’s no such thing as too polite and that’s something that most guy forget. (Primer)

Suppose that you’re not exactly confident enough to walk up to a woman and ask her out. You could always try something a bit more creative and memorable. (AskMen)

Ever see a woman at the gym (assuming you go to the gym) and want to ask a woman out? There is a way to do that without looking like a dumb jock. (Elite Daily)

If all else fails, you could just get her to chase you. (Made Man)

We’re sympathetic to the plights of those who have been shoved into the friend zone. So here are 8 ways to turn her from a friend to something more. (Guyism)

The only thing more awkward among a group of friends than being friend zoned is dating a friend’s ex. It’s not advisable but if you want to do it, I can at least point towards some advice. (AskMen)

You can only do so much to cheat the science of attraction. Five seemingly insignificant factors go a long way to determine who finds you attractive. (Cracked)

One of the oddest trends on men’s interest sites has been documenting odd sex tips from women’s magazines. Here are some of the best odd tips from Cosmo. (Nerve)

Have you heard of or seen Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke yet? She’s pretty fast, pretty good looking and very pretty while dancing warming up for races. (With Leather)

If you prefer blonde athletes to brunettes, you might be interested in Croatian basketball player Antonija Misura. (COED)

There are hundreds of channels on TV and almost all suck. However, there are some shows that men don’t have to be ashamed to watch. Here are the top 100 TV shows for men. (Esquire)

TV does have roles models for you. I’m talking about the alpha males who make TV that much better. (Unreality)

And just for the sake of another neat TV link, here’s a list grading Jerry Seinfeld’s TV show girlfriends. It’s amazing how many stars have played one of Jerry’s girlfriends. (Bro Bible)

Not to toot our own horn but we are the official home for unofficial odds for the SI Swimsuit cover. Therefore, I feel obligated to link to this gallery of SI Swimsuit Issue outtakes. (Brosome)

I’m sure most folks would say there’s been a lack of Kate Upton around these parts lately. So here are the many talents of Kate Upton. It gets slightly NSFW around 1:14.

I may have to start watching Dexter since Lowdown Blog favourite Yvonne Strahovski will be on there next season. On second thought, I’ll skip that and watch these videos instead.

In an oversight on our part, we haven’t run that video of the three grandmothers watching the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Let’s correct that right now.


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