Sunday Link-Off: What is Freedom of Expression?

cintia-dicker-dickerswimwear15-01I learned something this week. When you’re travelling, always prepare for the worst. I saw Air Canada take my luggage off the plane and wouldn’t take I’m catching a bus to another destination an hour after we land for a three-day suit-and-tie conference as a reason to put it back on. Took two days for my luggage to make one one-hour flight and a courier trip to my destination. Two days in jeans and a sweater. At least I could get by on souvenir store underclothes. Thanks Air Canada.

Anyway, that’s why I missed the WLO this week. I’m not missing the Sunday links. Let’s start with the return of blog favourite Cintia Dicker.

Don’t mess with Kevin Donovan. The Toronto Star reporter whose investigative takedowns include Rob Ford and Jian Ghomeshi now include Global TV anchor Leslie Roberts. (Toronto Star)

Following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, freedom of expression has become a hot topic. However, even in Canada, expression is hardly free. (MacLean’s)

Telling the difference between real news and parody is hard. Just Greta Van Susteren and most of the news world who were fooled by an obviously fake North Korean news Twitter account. (Popehat)

The folks behind Mars One seem pretty gung-ho about making their settlement happen. They’re planning to send lettuce to the red planet to see if food growth is possible. (The Independent)

Because I missed the links last week, I couldn’t run this link about how Stuart Scott changed the game for sports broadcasting. (BBC Echo Chambers)

The NFL’s laughable reaction to the Ray Rice scandal could have been all down to the work (or lack thereof) of one man. (Deadspin)

Everybody knows a dick. Chances are that you work with one as well. Here’s a Cole’s Notes on how to deal with them. (Fast Company)

December didn’t just see the end of the Colbert Report. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson also came to an end. That one was always my go to. (The New Yorker)

Guy Fieri can go one about diners, drive-ins and dives and Jon Taffer can turn the bar back into the hot place to hang out but the fate of the dive bar might be sealed. Dives are dying across America. (Esquire)

I missed this one in the year-in-review post but here’s a look at 2014’s best books. (Brain Pickings)

That Mike McEwan guy can really throw a rock.


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