Entertainment Link-Off: Blaze of Glory

It’s a slew of rotten pictures at the theatres this weekend. First up is the comic book movie sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. So the first flick was terrible and the trailer for the second one looked a bit more promising but according to the critics, that is not the case. Who knew sequelitis could attack a bad film? There’s also the rom-com actioner This Means War starring Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine. You can also catch Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort in the movie, so let’s start this off with her.

After the jump, the Friday Night Lights movie kinda lives on for now, watch Abraham Lincoln kill vampires, a behind the scenes look at Harold and Kumar in claymation and Jeremy Lin shows you how to get into Harvard.

Peter Berg was quite serious when he said he wanted to continue the Friday Night Lights story by doing a movie following the show’s 5 season run. Now the script is about done and the big thing standing in the way of getting it made is the actors’ busy schedules. (MTV)

The international trailer for Prometheus is out. Good news, we get an unobstructed view of the clips seen in the previous trailer. Bad news, there’s no new footage. (Screen Rant)

Catch a look at the teaser trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. So the concept seems a bit silly but it does look like good fun. As an added plus, Johnny Cash kinda acts as the movie trailer voice guy (courtesy of a certain snippet from one of his songs). (Time) There’s also the international trailer for the film that provides a few more glimpses of other characters. (Bleeding Cool)

Last week, you got the first full length trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. This week, there’s the international trailer. While it’s almost the same, the latest clip does feature a few extra scenes here and there that might be worth checking out. (Comic Book Movie)

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas was quite the laugh riot and certainly lived up to the craziness of the previous two flicks. One of the highlights was definitely the claymation portion of the film and here’s a behind the scenes look at that segment. (Maxim)

Huh? Care Bears are getting a reboot? (Variety)

Check out this uncanny comparison between the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory and the comedy The Big Bang Theory. (Vulture)

One of my favourite films from 2011 is 50/50 and I was quite disappointed when it was (as expected) ignored at the Oscars. Here’s a short blurb arguing why it should have gotten that best picture nod. (MTV)

Watch 13 minutes of behind the scenes footage from the upcoming sci-fi epic John Carter. Also check out 4 new clips from the film. (Collider)

I wasn’t interested in the Beauty and the Beast rehash at the CW but now that they cast Smallville star Kristen Kreuk, I suddenly feel compelled to check it out. (Deadline)

An outlandish theory on who the “mother” is on How I Met Your Mother. (The TV Addict)

Pitting the cast of Freaks and Geeks against each other and it appears that the freaks have won… (Slate)

The video is only a minute long but you can catch all 22 Bond movie openings in one video! Just for the sake of random amusement, you can watch the evolution of the Bond openings over the years.

Honest trailers tackles Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Since everyone is going Lin-sane at the moment, let’s take some time and dig out a video that Jeremy Lin made late last year before he started making a splash with the Knicks in New York. Yes, he has a Youtube channel on the side to post random videos… though it hasn’t been updated in a while now that he has a steady job. Anyway, here’s a fun look at how to get into Harvard… according to J.Lin featuring Ryan Higa.

Music recommendation of the week. This time it comes from a certain cast member of Community. Here’s Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover)’s Heartbeat.


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