Sunday Link-Off: Late to the Party

Sorry about the delay in getting you the Sunday links. Yesterday, we taped a podcast though so maybe that’ll make up for it. In the meantime, here’s Cintia Dicker to kick off the links.

Let’s lead off with our tribute to wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage. We’ve linked it before but it’s still the greatest Macho Man photoshops on the web. (Where’s Randy Savage)

Gus Johnson has officially left CBS to get some feature airtime with Fox Sports. Can’t blame him for wanting to get closer to the top. (New York Times)

The Atlanta Thrashers are officially unofficially moving to Winnipeg to become the Necro-Jets. [That team nickname is a trademark of Steve Murray… I came up with that name.] But the NHL has a few other relocation locations in mind. (Down Goes Brown)

After the jump, those guys have all the fun, the only golf club you need and Randy Savage’s greatest match.

By the way, the Rapture was supposedly yesterday. We could all be dead and not know it, I suppose. Anyway, just so you have it for the next end of days, the Death Star Public Relations team has a handy flowchart to help you handle your impending doom. (Death Star PR)

The behind-the-scenes of ESPN book, Those Guys Have All The Fun, is coming out on Tuesday. Excerpts have been released over the last week and included in them is this story about Bill Simmons throwing his weight around. (Deadspin)

Also in that book, Michelle Beadle vs. Erin Andrews. Time to pick sides fanboys. (Deadspin)

Anybody every ask you if you remember that one athlete? Well, here are five guys that you’ll never forget because of one famous play. (Unathletic)

Playboy recently profiled John Daly. I wouldn’t call it a hatchet job but it’s definitely not the prettiest picture painted of someone you’d figure would be Playboy’s favourite golfer… Apart from Tiger Woods, obviously. (Devil Ball Golf)

Speaking of golf, the next time I throw away one of my clubs (might have done that this morning), I don’t have to worry because I can use this 33-in-1 club. (The Daily Mail)

Another op-ed about Twitter allegedly making people dumber… Wake me up if someone has something meaningful to say about social media. (New York Times)

And now to make you smarter. Protein is brain food, right? Well, if it is, then this three-way US burger joint comparison is what we all need. (Serious Eats)

I don’t pay much attention to car commercials because most are on the boring side. However, there are some decent ones like the ones in this list of the best 50 car ads of all-time. (Complex)

And let’s close like we started with 25 pro wrestling finishers in GIF form. (Clutch)

To continue our Randy Savage tribute, here’s the greatest illustration of the Macho Man’s greatness. It’s not his WrestleMania 3 match against Ricky Steamboat. It’s him carrying the Ultimate Warrior to a great match at WrestleMania 7.

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