Sunday Link-Off: Seeing Red

It’s the Sunday before Canadian Thanksgiving. I’d like to run some Canadian eye candy to lead off here but I couldn’t find anything recent. So I’ll go Brazilian instead with Cintia Dicker.

Since his death on Wednesday night, the tributes and memorials for Steve Jobs have poured in. However, perspective seems to have been completely lost. Steve Jobs might have created a powerhouse company but he’s not God. (Gawker)

The Occupy Wall Street protests are still ongoing but do you actually know what’s happening and what it’s about? (Esquire)

Fighting in hockey has been a hot issue for the last five months. However, not everyone is ready to banish fighters and fighting from the game. Even self-described pacifists think fisticuffs still have a place in the game. (Backhand Shelf)

After the jump, the latest on The Simpsons, weird original video game concepts and Party Rock is in Pyongyang tonight.

For the last couple of weeks, the status of The Simpsons has been a hot topic. After a decidedly close call, it looks like the actors will agree to a pay cut and the series will be extended for two more seasons to bring the total number of seasons to 25. (The Hollywood Reporter)

While the show will go on, it may not have been the best situation for Fox. The show might be worth more to them if it gets cancelled. (SplitSider)

And keeping with the system, here are the ten best Simpsons sports episodes ever. For once, we have a list with the correct list at #1. (Off The Bench)

The ESPN Magazine “Body Issue” is coming out soon. ESPN has already released most of the photos that will be featured in their shameless (and nowhere near as appealing) response to SI’s Swimsuit Issue. But the question must be asked: If all the athletes are naked, how are they hiding their parts? (Deadspin)

Speaking of ESPN, they’ve fired Hank Williams Jr. and dropped his intro to Monday Night Football. But what’s going to replace him? Personally, I think everyone would go for this Indiana Jones suggestion. (Tauntr)

The WWE is trying something new with its latest angle. They’re quasi-breaking the fourth wall with a new angle about unionized labour. (Grantland)

If you’re a fan of NBC’s Community, read this interview with Joel McHale. If you’re not a fan of Community, start watching and read this interview. (The AV Club)

In today’s odd celebrity interview, Kirsten Dunst says she couldn’t have starred in Antichrist because her breasts were too big to do a genital mutilation scene? What the hell? (Film Drunk) Before Melancholia and All Good Things, I wouldn’t have thought that she had big breasts though. Did she get some work done and I missed the tabloid stories?

Remember all those posts I linked to about LA Noire developer Team Bondi having a lot of internal conflict. Well, things have gotten worse for them because they’re now closing up shop. (Joystiq)

Speaking of video games, have you ever wondered what your favourite games started out life as? Here’s a list of six popular games that could have ended up very different if the developer stuck to the original concept. (Cracked)

Here’s another fun list for you. It’s 25 actors who you probably didn’t know appeared in Star Trek. (Gamma Squad)

By now, you’ve all seen the video of the Ohio University marching band doing Party Rock Anthem. But have you seen the North Korean Party Rock Anthem video? Like the video’s description says, ain’t no party like a Pyongyang party. ‘Cause a Pyongyang party is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY.

Sony’s trying something new to promote the PS3. They’ve put together a new live-action trailer featuring all their big name characters and games. It’s actually pretty cool.

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