Sunday Link-Off: Media Blitz

It was a big week for us at the blog last week. We had more people drop by this past week than in the whole month of January thanks to the SI Swimsuit Issue. So to celebrate, here’s one of my favourite SI Swimsuit models Cintia Dicker.

Craig James will indirectly feature in the new Friday Night Lights movie Jackie mentioned yesterday as it will parallel the Mike Leach story. But will the movie also feature a player’s father who creates his son’s entire career through his influence as a broadcaster like Craig James did? (Sports By Brooks)

Kate Upton has been doing the media rounds since making the SI Swimsuit cover. However, the media is treating her like she’s a blonde bimbo rather than an actual woman. (Midwest Sports Fans)

George Lucas’ daughter is a professional MMA fighter and is in a title match this weekend. Maybe she can kick everyone’s ass over Jar-Jar Binks. Actually, I’ll settle for kicking Jake Lloyd’s ass because he was worse than Jar-Jar. Yeah, I said it. Anakin was worse than Jar-Jar. (Sports Illustrated)

After the jump, the highest paid players of all-time, could Mass Effect make a great TV series, and Liam Neeson’s voice mail greeting.

We all know how much players make but how well did they do compared to their peers. Here’s a comparison of what player’s make compared to average salary to determine who really was the highest paid player of all-time. (24/7 Wall Street)

ESPN is removing Ron Jaworski from the Monday Night Football booth. They take great pleasure in having their broadcasters insult THIS GUY’s intelligence. (Pro Football Talk)

Are you a Spanish basketball player who was in the slanty-eye picture? Jeremy Lin is coming for you. (Business Insider)

Is the net off its moorings by 40 degrees? That’s a goal in the ECHL. (Puck Daddy) What disappoints me the most is that the ref treated the dislodged net two different ways in the game. I never expect refs to be good but I demand consistency. Don’t call the same play two different ways and expect me to accept it.

Speaking of refs, I expect diving soccer players to hit the dirt as a result of a stiff breeze. But a ref taking a dive? That’s a new one. (It’s Always Sunny In Detroit)

WWE’s last pay-per-view before WrestleMania is this weekend. However, this PPV might mark a return to classically cartoonish writing. (Grantland)

If you prefer your wrestling a little less big league and formulaic, you could always try Ring Of Honor. Here’s a look inside one of their monthly TV tapings. (The Classical)

There’s only fifteen hours of primetime viewing hours each week which makes it difficult for networks to cram in all the necessary crappy programming outside a heavily competitive time slot. But it sure seems as though the competitive time slots are excessively competitive. (The AV Club)

With all the talk about Mass Effect eventually getting a movie, Unreality suggests that a movie would be the wrong way to go. Instead, they think that it could make the next great sci-fi TV franchise. (Unreality)

By the way, BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 is coming out on Tuesday. The whole range is priced from $200 to $300 if you buy by Monday. The only problem is that I haven’t seen one review of OS 2.0 yet. Am I willing to drop $300 on a potentially shit product? No. Throw Canadians willing to help a Canadian company a bone here RIM. (Engadget)

Liam Neeson records a voice mail greeting for his first fan. And Liam just absolutely owns it.

Matt Ufford went to the Westminster Dog Show with one mission: To pet every breed of dog at the show.

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