Wednesday Link-Off: Safety Dance

Here’s the new Miss USA Alyssa Campanella. Hopefully we see more of her than last year’s Miss USA.

The Onion wants a Pulitzer Prize. It’s just too bad that the Pulitzer Board doesn’t have a sense of humour. (New York Times)

Ever wonder what would happen if NBA stars played against each other in their primes? Well SI and Strat-o-Matic try to figure out with this ultimate NBA fantasy draft. (Sports Illustrated)

The WSJ analyzed athlete tweets. Not surprisingly is their favourite topic is themselves. (Wall Street Journal)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Championship Edition

It’s time for another round of your favourite set of Wednesday links on The Lowdown Blog… Actually, it’s the only set of links we do on Wednesdays. Anyway, here’s Jarah Mariano.

The New York Times examines Twitter hashtags as only the NYT can. The hashtag they’re looking for to describe hashtags is #Winning. (New York Times)

Not one, right LeBron? Despite losing the NBA Finals and not showing up for them, LeBron James is still a cocksucker. Not my words but I agree with the sentiment. (Deadspin)

By the way, it’s Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight. As a salute to sports’ greatest gladiators, here’s a comparison of hockey injuries to other sports injuries to show how tough they are. (Sports TV Jobs)

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Sunday Link-Off: Go Big

I know we’re still some weeks away from the premiere of Fast Five but here’s Jordana Brewster who is the only reason to watch it near as I can figure.

The gang at MLB Trade Rumors had one of the biggest finds of the year when they published a Major League Baseball contract. Here’s a look at the more fascinating points found on a standard contract. (Business Insider)

It looks like the Big Four North American sports leagues are going to go global sooner or later. But just how will they look when they go worldwide? (Unathletic)

Sex and politics haven’t really gone together since the political administration. That isn’t stopping one ex-staffer from telling all in an upcoming book. (Washington Post)

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Entertainment Link-Off: One Sheen-ing Moment

I’m back in the saddle again for another set of entertainment links. To make up for it, I was going to go with Brooklyn Decker from Just Go With It but I refuse to support the Sandler/Aniston machine (despite the cameo by Dan Patrick). So here’s I Am Number Four’s Teresa Palmer.

The biggest entertainment news of the week came from a sports talk radio show. Dan Patrick scored the interview coup of the year with his interviews with Charlie Sheen. (Sports Radio Interviews)

Here’s the story of how DP landed the interview with Sheen and how he ended up in seven Sandler movies. (The Wrap)

So Watson kicked the asses of mankind’s best on Jeopardy much to the surprise of no one. But you can do battle with Watson (or at lease his algorithms) in this online game. (New York Times)

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Tracy Morgan Is A Sarah Palin Fan

Tracy Morgan is a funny guy and we can never exactly be sure what’s going to come out of his mouth. The NBA on TNT crew found this out first-hand when they had him on their pregame show Thursday night before a Heat/Knicks game. When asked if Sarah Palin was hot, Morgan had one of the all-time great answers. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Solid Gold

Since the Golden Globes was this past weekend, here’s January Jones and her golden globes. Sorry, I had to make that joke.

The gang at Awful Announcing have graded each of the main NFL play-by-play teams from the five NFL broadcasters. No surprise as to who’s first and last. (Awful Announcing)

You’ve probably heard about the epic Ricky Gervais monologue at the Golden Globes by now. Here’s the blow-by-blow account with video. (Esquire)

Sorry to somber the mood but the New York Times took an in-depth look inside the head of Tucson shooter Jared Loughner in this profile. (New York Times)

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Sunday Link-Off: Technological Takeover

Erin Andrews is the first woman to endorse Reebok’s ZigTech shoes. I can see why Reebok hired her.

Yesterday, Jackie had the video of IBM’s Watson supercomputer taking down Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in a practice game of Jeopardy to no one’s surprise. But here’s a deeper look inside how Watson works and why it will eventually lead the machine revolt against mankind. (Wired)

A random topic of conversation that’s crept up over the last week has been who you would cast in a 2011 remake of Space Jam. Experts (bloggers) were called in and here are their choices. (The Good Point)

Looking for tips to get better at Twitter? One of the sports world’s best tweeters, Darren Rovell, shares his 13 secrets to success. (CNBC)

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