Wednesday Link-Off: Iced

Since Jamie Sale was iced from Battle of the Blades this week, let’s kick off the links with her.

The old Philadelphia Spectrum had one final big event before it was demolished. It had people come in and tear it apart from the inside. (Crossing Broad)

Ex-Queen’s Gaels’ QB Danny Brannagan took some snaps on Sunday for the Toronto Argonauts making him the first Canadian in a decade. Improvements in coaching in Canada would indicate that he might not be alone Canadian QB in the CFL ranks for long. (55-Yard Line)

Norman Chad really hit it out of the park this time. Here’s his take on ESPN’s never ending takeover of the sporting world with a look at “ESPN High School.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

After the jump, Joe Morgan fired, another Washington sports spelling mistake and a NASCAR fight.

Our long national nightmare is over. Joe Morgan has been fired from Sunday Night Baseball. Canada’s Dan Shulman is likely to be in the booth next season. (Awful Announcing)

Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton and Kyle Busch may have hogged all the NASCAR headlines but there’s one driver that’s still head and shoulders (and hair) above the rest. Here’s why Boris Said is the man. (Jalopnik)

Danger lurks everywhere at sporting events. Just ask this reporter at a Michigan game who got steamrolled by Tate Forcier and then interviewed him after the game. (Online Sports Guys)

Jason Whitlock has a good theory on how to fix the Big Three: Cut it down to the Big Two. (Fox Sports) We’ll take Bosh back in Toronto if Miami is willing to take a couple Kaberle jerseys in return.

Washington has the Natinals baseball team and now the Redsikins cheerleader team. (DC Sports Bog)

Deadspin made the premiere of Conan. They were the punch line of Conan’s 2010-in-a-joke joke. (Deadspin)

One of my biggest concerns about launching Mass Effect 2 on PS3 was how the decisions and events from the first game would be handled. Turns out BioWare is going to kick the game off with an interactive comic book to power you through Mass Effect. (Kotaku) It’s a good solution to a big problem. It’s too bad that even with this solution, the decision made won’t resonate as strong as they would have if you played the whole first game.

Gran Turismo 5 is supposed to be close to being released. One rumour says that enough discs have been printed that they could release in the next couple of weeks. But for now, we’ll just have to make do with the trophy list. (GT Planet)

Speaking of games we’re waiting for, I’m still waiting for January for LittleBigPlanet 2. While we haven’t gotten a trophy list yet, we did get some concept art for LPB 1. The original concept pictures don’t come off quite as cute as the final product. (Joystiq)

And in a little bit of different gaming info, here’s the delicious meaty parts of various video game creatures. (Jude Buffum)

Russian President Vlad Putin did 150 MPH in a Formula One race car… Well, it was a demonstration car for sponsor appearances but that’s still pretty ballsy for a civil servant. (Yahoo News)

When the creator of Dilbert asks “If no one had a hamster-brained sociopath for a boss, who would start new businesses?” the story is worth a read. Scott Adams looks at morons in management. (Wall Street Journal)

Folks might want to think twice before downloading all of Microsoft’s software. They’ve got an entire legion devoted to stopping piracy. (New York Times)

Ever wanted to find out what would happen if a giant asteroid hit the earth. Some scientists have created an online simulator to tell you what happened if the end of days came. (Pop Sci)

The people of Cleveland finally have their say about LeBron moving to Miami and tell him what he can do with himself.

And Jeff Gordon told Jeff Burton what he can do with himself at this weekend’s NASCAR race in Texas. Only Gordon did it with his fists.

And speaking of videos that have made the internet rounds, here’s that middle school trick play everyone’s watching.

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