Sunday Link-Off: Technological Takeover

Erin Andrews is the first woman to endorse Reebok’s ZigTech shoes. I can see why Reebok hired her.

Yesterday, Jackie had the video of IBM’s Watson supercomputer taking down Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in a practice game of Jeopardy to no one’s surprise. But here’s a deeper look inside how Watson works and why it will eventually lead the machine revolt against mankind. (Wired)

A random topic of conversation that’s crept up over the last week has been who you would cast in a 2011 remake of Space Jam. Experts (bloggers) were called in and here are their choices. (The Good Point)

Looking for tips to get better at Twitter? One of the sports world’s best tweeters, Darren Rovell, shares his 13 secrets to success. (CNBC)

After the jump, the most talkative NFL TV crews, active shutter 3D eyes, and we love to hear the boos.

Ahead of the second pair of this week’s NFL playoff games, check out this study of the most talkative NFL play-by-play crews. (Shutdown Corner)

It’s about a day late but here’s a profile of the Steelers’ MVP Troy Polamalu. (New York Times)

The NBA’s new technical foul rule is getting a bit out of hand. In the span of ten seconds, ref Ken Mauer handed out five technicals. (Ball Don’t Lie)

Tangentially related to basketball, here’s a story of how Bill Simmons got handcuffed because an old lady thought his house was being robbed by a Mighty Mighty Bosstone. (Deadspin)

I never knew that there was a civil suit over the murder of Notorious BIG. Not only is there a lawsuit but it’s uncovered what might be a massive cover-up. (Rolling Stone)

Ever wonder how long we’ve been drinking beer? A scientist has just discovered a 2,500-year-old Celtic recipe to make beer. (io9)

A crazy Frenchman has eliminated the need for those pesky active shutter 3D glasses. He’s invented active shuttering for your eyes. (Engadget)

Apparently the zodiac signs have changed. If this bullshit is to be believed, I’m no longer a Gemini but a Taurus. At least I’m not an Ophiuchus. (Huffington Post) Actually, I have a question: Does anyone give a flying fuck about the new zodiac signs.

There’s little funnier than someone else’s stupidity. Take these 50 moronic questions asked on Yahoo Answers, for example. (Fork Party)

Here’s something else pretty funny. It’s six website error messages that would save us all time. (Cracked)

Greatest parody song of all-time? A song for Leafs fans called Love to Hear the Boos.

Ahead of today’s Jets/Patriots game, here is a parody of Hulk Hogan’s old theme song dedicated to the New York Jets.

And Joe Theismann doesn’t quite have New England Patriot Danny Woodhead’s name down right. It leads to about three straight minutes of laughing.

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