Sunday Link-Off: Twitterific

After yesterday’s Uteck Bowl, leading the links with Jessica Lowndes should make Mustangs fans feel better.

We love a good Buzz Bissinger column around here. So here’s another piece about our favourite Pulitzer Prize winner to follow on Twitter. (LA Times)

Since we’re on the topic of Twitter, here’s a look at some social media rules when it comes to relationships. (The Daily Beast)

Did you know that the judges don’t really matter that much on Strictly Come Sequins? Former contestant (and Dallas Mavs owner) Mark Cuban explains the Dancing With The Stars scoring system. (Blog Maverick)

After the jump, the alleged truth about Eva and Tony’s divorce, the 100 worst NFL players of all-time, and Like a Bosh.

Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker this week. If you connect some dots on some blind gossip items, you might think that they’re into some pretty kinky/crazy stuff. (Sports By Brooks)

As we near the one year anniversary of Tiger Woods’ Thanksgiving SUV crash slash beating with a nine iron, T-Dub is on a media blitz to reshape his image. Included in that is this column penned for Newsweek. (Newsweek)

And since we’re on the topic of Tiger and obviously mistresses, the world is a much more dangerous place today for athletes to cheat on significant others than it was back in the day. (National Post)

Chris Bosh admits the Heat’s problem. They all want to chill. That’s not going to cut it with this bunch. (Fox Sports FL)

The NFL Network recently revealed their list of the top 100 players in NFL history. Well, Deadspin decided to put their own spin on the list with the Bottom 100 players in NFL history. (Deadspin Part 1 & Deadspin Part 2)

We’ll have a post on Spike TV’s Video Game awards closer to the show date. For now, here’s some dissection of the news that Bioware will unveil a new game during the show. (Joystiq)

A while back, Bioware released a whole pile of stats about Mass Effect 2. One of the more interesting numbers was that half of players don’t finish the game. So why are fewer players completing the game? (IGN)

Now that NBA Jam has been released for the PS3 and 360, how about a profile of the voice of NBA Jam and Midway Games, Tim Kitzrow? (Asylum)

Appropriately in time for the release of Harry Potter 7, here’s a story about Quidditch in Manhattan. (Out of Bounds)

Tonight’s a big night for American Top Gear fans. TG:USA premieres tonight at 10:00 on the History Channel. (Top Gear)

For today’s first gallery, we have a video gallery. Since today is the final race of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season, here are the ten best passes in racing history. (Jalopnik)

With Nike taking over the NFL’s merchandise contract starting next year (if they have a season), someone (allegedly not the NFL or Nike) did up these concept drawings of new Nike Pro Combat uniforms. (Business Insider)

With Jackie back on the entertainment beat, I can go back to mocking celebrities. Here’s a look at the child stars of Disney and Nickelodeon and which ones have been chewed up and spit out by the corporate machine. (Zap2It)

The boys over at The Basketball Jones have coined a new phrase. If something is supposed to be good but disappoints, it’s “Like A Bosh.”

Craig Ferguson did a special Doctor Who episode of the show earlier this week. The whole thing is up on YouTube and is completely awesome. For now, here is the intro and monologue.

The sports photo of the century comes to life in this spoof ad.

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