The Humanoids: New and Improved Flavour

With the return of summer, I figured that July was a good time for the return of The Humanoids column. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s been missing from the blog and I’m selfishly thinking that my rants are part of it. Well, I’ve decided to revive The Humanoids with a new format. The format is more question-based than topic-based so I can go on a few more tangents than I used to. Will this new format actually get some traction? The only way to find out is to hit the jump. Continue reading


Inexplicable Celebrity Hookups

As Valentine’s Day nears, now is a good time to remember that playing out of your league is an inexplicably common occurrence. Despite how often that happens, when a guy lands an impossibly hot woman, I’d still call that a statistical outlier in the grand scheme of life. However, there are many examples of the supermodel or Maxim Hot 100 topper ended up with an ugly or otherwise ordinary guy. So here are some examples of odd celebrity couples and a reminder that it is possible to land a supermodel. It’s just extremely unlikely. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Twitterific

After yesterday’s Uteck Bowl, leading the links with Jessica Lowndes should make Mustangs fans feel better.

We love a good Buzz Bissinger column around here. So here’s another piece about our favourite Pulitzer Prize winner to follow on Twitter. (LA Times)

Since we’re on the topic of Twitter, here’s a look at some social media rules when it comes to relationships. (The Daily Beast)

Did you know that the judges don’t really matter that much on Strictly Come Sequins? Former contestant (and Dallas Mavs owner) Mark Cuban explains the Dancing With The Stars scoring system. (Blog Maverick)

After the jump, the alleged truth about Eva and Tony’s divorce, the 100 worst NFL players of all-time, and Like a Bosh. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Turkey Dump

Ever been the victim of the proverbial Turkey Dump? I haven’t. I’m the one that’s always doing the turkey dumping. Yes, I realize that can mean more than one thing depending on how you read it. In today’s Humanoids column, I do a turkey dump of seven dumpees that have had it coming for a long time. Of course, this is going to catch most of them off guard because they’re mostly American but it was just Thanksgiving in Canada so that’s all that matters to me. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Texting Always Ends Badly

Kicking off today’s post is Katherine Heigl who has decided to go brunette. Well, it’s not like this can push her any farther off the radar.

This week we’ve seen two best actress winners return to bachelorettehood. So why are these high-profile celebrity marriages going pear-shaped? (Daily Telegraph)

Of course, it’s not just the ladies with marriage trouble. The infamous Tiger Woods texts to Joslyn James were released. But Joslyn didn’t release her messages to Tiger. Don’t worry. Slate has them. (Slate)

And Tiger’s not the only golfer in a text message scandal. John Daly is too. (Food Court Lunch)

After the jump, fixing MLB, future Lindsay Lohan lawsuits, and let’s run down bicyclists. Continue reading