Man Lab Showdown: January Jones vs. Jennifer Lawrence

For our second Man Lab showdown, we have a battle of the X-Women that star in this weekend’s X-Men: First Class. This First Class battle pits one of TV’s established stars against one of Hollywood’s up and coming stars. In one corner is Hollywood’s latest sweetheart and Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence. In the other is veteran actress and Emmy nominee January Jones.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Solid Gold

Since the Golden Globes was this past weekend, here’s January Jones and her golden globes. Sorry, I had to make that joke.

The gang at Awful Announcing have graded each of the main NFL play-by-play teams from the five NFL broadcasters. No surprise as to who’s first and last. (Awful Announcing)

You’ve probably heard about the epic Ricky Gervais monologue at the Golden Globes by now. Here’s the blow-by-blow account with video. (Esquire)

Sorry to somber the mood but the New York Times took an in-depth look inside the head of Tucson shooter Jared Loughner in this profile. (New York Times)

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Saturday Link-Off: Social Media Fail

january-jones-gq09-14I’m back on Saturdays. It’s good to be on the original home of the Lowdown linkdump. It’s even better to have January Jones back.

We mentioned that celebrities need to be muzzled from embarrassing themselves on Twitter. Maybe they’re already muzzling themselves and ruining Twitter for the rest of us. (NBC Dallas)

Speaking of people ruining social networking websites, it’s people like this that ruin Facebook for single guys like me. I’m glad that I’ve avoided it for the last four-ish years. (College Humor)

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to make any decisions for themselves. For example, an American guy is suing the Bank of America for a stupidly/fictionally large amount of money. (BBC)

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Wednesday Link-Off: All Fun And Games

january-jones-gq09-1Here’s January Jones who is one of two reasons to watch Mad Men.

With the Yankees looking closer and closer to the AL Pennant, New York brass have told the Yankee WAGs to be nice to Kate. (Deadspin)

Probably the best story I’ve ever linked to: A look at the fad of everything being named after pseudo-political pundit Stephen Colbert. (LA Times)

The UFL has kicked off its inaugural season last week. If you missed it, then you missed the next evolution in sideline reporting… And it was for the best you missed it. (Tirico Suave)

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Sunday Link-Off: A Hive of Scum and Randominity

january-jones-gq-1January Jones is not described accurately by the title of this post. Though I would imagine that her Emmy-nominated show, Mad Men, could be described as such.

It’s always nice to make fun of people you know who have the same name as porn star. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be as fun for you if you were a well known public personality. (Mediaite)

Speaking of porn, there might be a video tape to that effect of MMA superstar Gina Carano. We could be talking about the highest selling sex tape of all time. (Cagewriter)

Keeping with the theme of nudity, ESPN superstar reporter and blogosphere favourite Erin Andrews was filmed naked in her hotel room though the peephole. Bloggers (including yours truly) and oglers fail to see the humour. (Deadspin: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) I’ll have more on this story on Friday with my Humanoids column.

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