Wednesday Link-Off: From Russia With Love

Here’s Russian not-so-super spy Anna Chapman. She’s looks like she’s straight from a Bond film.

Brock Lesnar lost the heavyweight title at UFC 3047 or something like that. But that wasn’t the big news. It looks like we’re coming close to Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker in a ring or octagon soon. (The Big Lead)

Now time for Dongslinger-ness. Favre has admitted to leaving the voicemails for Sterger but not sending the pics. There’s one problem with his stories… (Deadspin)

And in other athlete love stories (kinda), here’s GQ’s profile of Alex Ovechkin which includes Ovi and the intrepid writer hitting a club. (GQ)

After the jump, the NHL’s new slogan, a soon to be new NCAA sport, and Wrangler’s new open fly jeans.

In St. Louis, the NHL’s new slogan is “I shaved my balls for this?” (Midwest Sports Fans)

Coming soon to an episode of Mantracker on OLN Canada near you, it’s NHLer Shane Doan. (Globe & Mail)

The NCAA is having trouble figuring out how the concept of a football playoff works. However, that’s not stopping them from potentially adding a fictional new sport: Quidditch (Wall Street Journal)

Before their book comes out, Free Darko looks at the myth that Hakeem Olajuwon played better while fasting for Ramadan than the rest of the year. (Free Darko)

David Stern should have kept Tim Donaghy on the payroll. Miami’s loss last night was great for the league but bad for future drawing power. Anyway, a Florida bar isn’t happy with the Heat’s loss because it meant they had to pick up everyone’s tabs. (Last Angry Fan)

Project Food Blog set forth a challenge to put a spin on pizza. So one blog made a poutine pizza. Oh Canada! (Foto Cuisine)

There’s been a lot of talk about the 25th anniversary of the NES so far this year but someone has been forgotten. The PS2 turned 10 this year. So here’s a look back at some of the systems best moments. (IGN)

Speaking of games, originally, Super Mario Brothers’ control scheme was very different from what we played. (Kotaku)

And let’s start today’s lists and galleries with a look at 10 games to play when you’re depressed. In fact, I’m off to play #4 right now. (Calmdown Tom)

With the World Series starting today, here are some photoshops of Ryan Howard in that infamous pose after he struck out to lose the series. (Tauntr)

And with Halloween coming up on Sunday, here’s a look at 26 “sexy” costumes that shouldn’t have been created. (Cracked)

Even Saturday Night Live had fun at Favre’s expense. As bad as SNL has been for the last bit, they get their football sketches right.

With my video game links today, I’ve omitted coverage of the XBox. Fortunately, the US Marines have me covered on that front with their XBox 360 repair video.


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